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Trapped in the Basement

Luciano shows up for the meeting with Masseria, who is sitting at the front table with a goon. He asks Lucky to sit with his back to the front window, exactly as Lansky had warned against, so already Lucky's starting out feeling uneasy. Masseria assures him this won't be a contentious meeting, though he's disappointed it's come to this. This is all being spoken in Italian, I should mention. After a few insults at Lucky's Jewish partners, Masseria gets down to business: he wants a cut of the heroin trade just like he gets a cut of everything else. Lucky tries to tell him that it's a growing business and there isn't much to divvy up, but of course for Masseria it's the principle. Lucky offers him 2 percent, but Masseria counters that the 2 percent should count for ALL the heroin trade, whether inside his territory or not. Lucky protests this and says he has partners to satisfy, which leads us to another round of Jew-bashing. They have no hearts, says Masseria's goon, who it turns out was the guy who made it out of the shootout alive. "Next time'll be different," he assures. Lucky. "Next time you won't make it out alive?" Lucky mocks. "I'm okay with that." A car drives by and Lucky turns around, paranoid. Masseria condescends to him that he's worried about him. They're paisans, after al. He calls him Salvatore. He used to come around. He used to have respect. "I don't even know your name now," he says, with faux concern. Lucky offers 3 percent; Masseria now wants 30 percent. "We're far apart," Lucky tells him. "We're two feet from each other," Masseria says. Lucky says he'll discuss it with his partners. Masseria assures him his Jew partners -- Rothstein, Lansky -- will stab him in the back. When that happens, he's going to need friends, and then 30 percent will look cheap.

Speaking of Lucky's Jew partners, Rothstein is on the phone with Mickey Doyle, and he's adopted that frightening demeanor where he's cheerful and smiling on the outside, which you know means they're like ten times angrier than you've ever seen them. "Why am I talking to you?" he wonders aloud. Why does he even have to place this call? He hasn't gotten his liquor, and Nucky seems to think it acceptable business practice to be unreachable for days on end. Mickey sputters excuses, but Rothstein just says, "I want what I paid for. I want it now. And I don't ever want to find myself chatting with you again." Mickey promises it by tomorrow morning. Mickey hangs up and tells Eli, who calls him an idiot. Mickey tells him to watch his tone. Eli reminds him that Nucky explicitly said to avoid Tabor Heights, and the backroads are unpassable until May. Eli says again: "Don't do this." "I'm not doing nothing," Mickey says with his customary nervous giggle. "They are," he says, nodding at his lowly employees. Mickey instructs the kid who made the whorehouse delivery last week (the one who told Harrow about Mickey bragging that he killed Manny) that they are to go straight through to Tabor Heights and stop for no one, not even the law.

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