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Check Your Lease, Man. You're Living in Nuck City

My least favorite scene of the episode sees Nucky pass a palm-reading shop on the boardwalk. As he peers inside at yet another freak making a commodity of herself along the oceanfront. He positions himself in front of the achingly portentous window ad, which reads "What Does the Future Hold For You?" About eleven more episodes, I'd say.

So in true gangster movie fashion, the episode ends with the cross-cutting of several thematically intertwined storylines. If you'll permit me to un-twine them...

Hans Schroeder is picked up by Eli and his deputies, worked over pretty well, then boated out to the ocean and dumped, only to have his ugly corpse get brought back to shore with the day's fish haul. Meanwhile, Nucky pays Margaret a visit in the hospital. Which is about as sweet a gesture as you're gonna get from the guy who just ordered your husband be killed. Meanwhile, a voice on the radio says that Schroeder was being sought in connection with the roadside massacre of the other night. Tip of the imaginary hat to the 'Dore for that bit of advice.

In Chicago, Capone delivers the whiskey to Torrio, who you remember wants to get into bootlegging over Colosimo's objections. So what will Colosimo have to say about that? ...Uh, not much, since he's gunned down in the middle of his restaurant by one of Torrio's men. PROHIBITION!

Joe R lived through Prohibition once. It was called junior high school. NEVER AGAIN. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

How is Boardwalk Empire like the Muppet Babies of the gangster genre? Watch vloggers Beth & Val explain:

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