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Check Your Lease, Man. You're Living in Nuck City

...Well, one of the universal symbols for cooperation. Another would have to be the sight of a buxom young woman riding reverse-cowgirl on a pale gnome-like man. Which is what's happening in Nucky's hotel room. He tries to get Lucy to quit calling out insipid shit like "ride 'em, cowboy," but she seems awfully committed to her dirty talk. And of course, just as Nucky's finally getting past it enough to ... you know, get somewhere, who comes knocking but ol' Cockblockin' Eddie, who is nervous about the screaming. Lucy is fed up and hops off the ... ahem, horse ... and into the bathroom, screaming back at Eddie, "FUCKING, Eddie! Not SCREAMING! We were FUCKING!" She slams the door, while Nucky takes a call from the casino. Seems Rothstein and Luciano have been gambling all night, and Arnold's up to the tune of 90 grand. They can't cover it, and Nucky springs into action. Unfortunately, he's not dressed, and Lucy's locked herself in the bathroom in a fit of pique. Nucky has to call Eddie in, and they both start ramming the door to get it open.

Let's assume this worked, because the next we see Nucky, he is not in his bathrobe, as he gets the 411 from the pit boss, who is convinced Rothstein's a cheater, not that they can do anything about it, given his clout. So Nucky's got a fine line to walk as he approaches both men (who are, it should be noted, sporting twin cat-that-ate-the-canary grins). Nucky explains that it's a small house and they can't cover Rothstein's kind of action. "Your credit's good with me," Rothstein grins, which kind of lays all the cards out on the table, in terms of what he's up to here. Nucky's smile vanishes and he suggests they get to know each other better first. Lucky, as is his wont as a hot-headed Eye-talian, takes this as an insult. Nucky: "Maybe you shouldn't be listening to the grown-ups' conversation." At this, Lucky leaps to his feet, and Rothstein takes a calm but firm grip on his wrist. His voice never raises above polite volume as he tells "Charlie" to sit down. I'm serious, all eyes on Michael Stuhlbarg in these scenes, he's really something. Now Rothstein advances the terms: the casino owes him 93k. Subtract the 60k he agreed to pay for the booze last night, and Nucky only owes him 33. $33,000 Nucky is now paying Arnold Rothstein for the privilege of handing over a month's worth of Canadian Club. Nucky scowls, but he's been beat. Lucky, looking to add insult to injury (or else being kinda dumb), says this means they can keep playing, but Rothstein knows he's already won, says he won't play where he's not welcome. Nucky's all "Ain't that a shame" and orders the pit boss to cash 'em out.

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Boardwalk Empire




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