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In New York, Luciano and Lansky are preparing young Benny "Probably Bugsy Seigel" to make his delivery to Harlem with 96 packets of heroin in Benny's hat. They instruct the kid that if the money comes up short, if anyone looks at him funny, he's to walk. Benny would rather rely on the gun he's packing, and he brandishes it with all the youthful exuberance of a fucking idiot. When even Charlie Luciano thinks you're a hotheaded idiot, that's saying something. He asks for cab fare, then leaves.

The subject changes from their wariness over their live wire of a teenage associate to their continuing problems with Masseria and the downtown mob. Lansky wants to come to a settlement -- he says if they approach Masseria with a plan to cut him in on heroin from the get-go, they look like gentlemen and get to set the terms besides. It rubs Lucky the wrong way to have to cut him in like this, but he's got to know Lansky is right. Lansky promises it's just for now.

At St. Theresa's, Margaret runs into Drs. Landau and Mason. She kind of pointedly glares at Mason, and he gets the hint and buzzes off to his rounds. Landau offers congratulations on the St. Gregory medal, and Margaret says she hopes he can be there at the ceremony itself. He thanks her for the invitation and says he hopes there are no hard feelings from New Year's Eve. She pretends to forget it even happened.

On to more important matters, he says -- how's the landscaping coming? They ordered the hydrangeas she recommended! Margaret says that's wonderful. "Flowers make everyone cheery!" Man, Landau doesn't even know how much trouble he's in right now, does he? He walks away as she smirks at his back.

Mickey's at the warehouse, haggling with some "hayseed" (his word) over what he's owed. Seems Hayseed's deal with Manny was to pay $10 less per bottle than Mickey is charging. Mickey suggests that he take it up with Manny, and when Hayseed duhs that Manny is no longer alive, Mickey leans in and says, "And how do you think he got that way?" Oh, Mickey, you idiot. He pulls his coat back to show his gun and then outright threatens to make Hayseed's wife a widow, so Hayseed backs down, and Mickey has a win he can really hang his dumb hat on. "Go milk a cow," Mickey scoffs and laughs his weasel laugh. He turns to see a kid staring at him. He yells at the "peckerhead" and then instructs him to make the next delivery to Gillian Darmody's place. And not to accept a handjob as tip. Fascist.

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