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Speaking of things that may or may not be dream sequences (we were -- back on page one! Oh, cut me a break), Van Alden is lying awake in bed, staring at the ceiling, which is reflecting odd patterns from the window, while Sigrid is trying to hush their teething baby to sleep. She tells him she's soaking his shirt in lemon juice to get the ink out. She gives him a pep talk about presenting "confidence and opportunity" to his customers. She can tell work's been getting him down, and he won't talk about it, so her pep talk continues about his charming smile (um...), and she tells him to close his eyes, and before you know it, her hand is down his pajamas, and then she's on top of him and naked, and I will recap a lot of things on this show -- disfigurement and death and Paz De La Huerta's vulva, but Michael Shannon getting rode like the world's most crazy-eyed pony is not one of them. Later, Cicero.

Nucky drops Rosetti off at Gillian's place, and he's clearly distracted and uncomfortable by the sight of her. So's Rosetti, but for different reasons. He takes a break from the ache she causes him in his soul (Jesus, with the dramatics on this guy) to say he's happy he and Nucky patched things up. He admits his mind can narrow and get all crazy when slighted, but he has to remind himself that "life is better with friends." Rosetti gets out and greets Gillian warmly. Her head turns to Nucky in the car and they have a slightly inscrutable stare-down. More nightmare-fuel for Nucky, I suppose.

Inside, that kid from Mickey's warehouse is making his liquor delivery to Richard Harrow, who is tending bar. The kid tries to make small talk about what a great gig this must be, and does Richard get to bang the staff, and he'd walk around with a stiffy all day. Charming lad. Richard does his best to pay the kid as little mind as possible. But he's bound and determined to seem like a big man, so he confides a secret to Richard: it was Mickey Doyle who killed Manny Horvitz. Richard's all "O RLY?" The kid says he heard it from Mickey himself. "You know," he muses, "he might seem dopey, but I wouldn't mess with the guy." Which was certainly the intended effect of Mickey's boasting. Too bad (perhaps to convenient, to, from a narrative perspective) that it got back to the one guy who knows for sure it's false.

Nucky's at home -- actual home, not the Ritz this time -- trying once again to call Billie, with no success. Margaret isn't used to him being home, but he says he thought they'd all head to the church together tomorrow. Margaret knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth, so she just nods and heads back to bed. Nucky tells her that he's been having a hard time sleeping. She sees the opening he's giving her, she just declines to take it, telling him to try some warm milk. She leaves, and Nucky sits sadly and contemplates.

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