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No Guts, No Glory
"It's a tragedy, Chalk," Nucky offers, with all the emotion of a bag of sand. Chalky doesn't seem so inclined to see things in such benign terms, but I guess that's what Nucky's here for. To make sure these black folk don't raise too much of a fuss over one of their own getting lynched. "It's an election year," Nucky explains. "The last thing we need is a race war." Chalky agrees to keep his people quiet -- "for the time being." Nucky, as perverse as he's been in three episodes, offers a cover story: "This man was cheating with another fella's wife, and the other fella shot him." Chalky takes this in, how not only was this boy hanged, now his legacy is going to be sacrificed on the altar of Nucky's political ambition. So Chalky at least puts a price tag on it: fifty percent of the liquor business. Nucky assents, then turns away while Eli performs the particularly nasty business of shooting a corpse twice so it'll comply with their cover. A handful of the women scream at the sight of it. They're right to.

Meanwhile, Jimmy wakes up on a train with screams from the war swirling around his head. He looks across at a mother with her child and is moved to pull out the picture of Tommy he took with him. The train conductor walks through and helpfully informs us that this train is a Broadway Limited destined for Chicago. Hmm...

Back in AC, Margaret sleeps next to her children, no doubt with thoughts of Lucy's hateful bouncing boobies in her head. And Nucky returns home to the Ritz. He comes in from the rain and walks to the elevator, only to turn around and see he's tracked in dirt from the outside. He sighs, then wonders if maybe he can get the Department of Metaphors to pick up the carpet cleaners' bill.

Joe Rwould hate to have to share a meal with Nelson Van Alden, though he admits the guy would probably be great at stuffing a turkey. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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