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No Guts, No Glory

At the Schroeder homestead, Margaret's making eggs while her neighbor, Edith, wonders what she's going to do with two kids and no husband. Margaret says she's considering taking in a boarder, but Edith blanches at the thought of some burlesque performer coming to live with Margaret. She offers to house Margaret and the kids herself, but Margaret's as uneasy with charity as ever and declines. One of her kids then asks when the baby's coming, causing a brand new wave of despair to wash over Margaret. And she's had her share of waves of despair these last three weeks. There's a knock at the door, and it's one of Nucky's emissaries come with a job offer from his boss. Margaret opens the envelope and sees it's for a job at (and please excuse my shitty familiarity with French) "Belle Femme," at the Ritz Carlton. Edith seems impressed that Margaret knows Nucky Thompson, less so about the Belle Femme. "Those French," she says, "I've heard about them." Yeah, so have Jimmy and Angela Darmody.

At the hospital, the doctors have managed to get Gutshot McCoy sedated, but when Eli asks to have some privacy in order to question the man, the doctor objects, on account of there being a giant gaping hole in this guy's stomach that needs attending. But Eli presses on, and everybody knows what the pecking order in this town is, so the doctor ultimately leads his nurse out of the room. There's still the matter of Gutshot's intensive-care roommate, a chatty and curious Eli, smooth as ever, ignores him and pulls the curtain out between both beds. Then -- again, subtle as a hand grenade -- he grabs a pillow and begins to suffocate this poor bastard of a bootlegger. Pretty soon, despite the sedation, Gutshot struggles and we can hear his muffled screams. So can his roomie, who's all, "What's that? What's he saying?" Eli lamely tries to cover by asking interrogation-type questions to keep up the pretense. Man, as far as state-sponsored euthanasia, this is pretty much amateur hour. Eli is soon put out of his misery (and his failure to put this other guy out of HIS misery) by the untimely arrival of Van Alden and his twerpy (relatively so, compared to Michael Shannon) second-in-command. The cop guarding the room makes enough of a fuss that Eli has time to release ol' Gutshot from his pillowy death-grip, so Van Alden enters to see the guy wheezing and coughing ... but still barely conscious and unable to answer questions. Van Alden and Eli face off over jurisdiction, with Van Alden saying they're over the Pennsylvania border so it's a federal case now, and Eli now adopting the doctor's "this patient needs treatment, not your questions" stance. Van Alden leaves to go drum up a warrant, but leaves his second behind, to make sure Eli doesn't do anything untoward to the guy with the hole in his stomach.

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