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Back in AC, Jimmy's suspiciously youthful ma is getting her tarot cards read in a shop along the boardwalk. In case you're interested: she's very lonely, but there is a "dangerous man" in the cards... And right on cue, in walks Nucky. It becomes clear very quickly that Nucky and Jimmy's ma -- Gillian -- are well acquainted with each other. (As for the persistent online rumor that Nucky is Jimmy's father ... seems pretty convenient, no? Not to mention redundant -- Nucky is already Jimmy's father figure.) Seems Gillian requested to meet with Nucky in order to press him -- not "beg," not "plead"; it's apparent that Gillian is one of the few in Atlantic City not to kiss Nucky's ring -- to "honor [their] agreement" to keep Jimmy safe. Nucky denies that Jimmy is in any kind of trouble, but Gillian is neither blind nor stupid. She sees what a "shell" Jimmy is now, and she certainly noticed the necklace he bought for her, then just as quickly stole back. Nucky chalks this all up to adjusting to life home from the war. Gillian says he should've stayed in college and seems to resent Nucky for not being able to keep him from joining the army. "I'm not God, Gillian," Nucky replies in his own defense. With a glare that says it knows some things, Gillian responds, "Now you tell me."

In the middle of a rainstorm somewhere, Mickey Doyle meets three Philadelphia-based gangsters -- brothers, it seems -- at a diner. Seems these two sprung for Mickey's bail. These guys don't seem to like Mickey any more than Nucky does -- the "dumb Polack" remarks and all -- but they also seem to be in business with him far deeper than Nucky was. Mickey explains about being forced out in favor of Chalky. Interestingly, Mickey seems less of an asthmatic nitrous fiend in this scene; whether that's due to his darkened mood or if he tends to play the harmless fool for Nucky's benefit is perhaps something we'll sort out down the road. The point here is that the Philly gangsters don't really care for the hows and whys, just that Mickey owes them money. And they seem rather insistent that he get it for them.

Jimmy's back at home, once again poring over the family's photo book, and this time fixating on a shot of Angela all by herself, making a fairly sexy face for the camera. For the 1920s, this was maybe the equivalent of a Facebook shot of a girl licking her own boob. Jimmy takes another sip of his ill-gotten liquor and stews in his own juices.

At Le Poisson Rouge (or something), Madame Jeunet directs Margaret to a "very important customer" in the dressing room. Of course, it's Lucy, in all her eternal classiness. She's rude and dismissive of Margaret, and that's before she recognizes her as the woman who's come to see Nucky twice now. Once she does, the bitchiness gets cranked up quite a bit. Also the "watch me parade around naked and show off my crazy-ass body so as to shame you into thinking you could ever turn my man's head" gets turned up. She has Margaret pick out a barely-visible lace teddy, then berates her for not opening it up for her. Margaret could not be more uncomfortable right now if the Virgin Mary started breastfeeding on a park bench in front of her. Margaret compliments her on how she looks in the garment. Not about to miss another chance to be shitty, Lucy says she heard Nucky on the phone getting Margaret this job. "It was very kind of him," Margaret says. Lucy replies that Nucky was always "a soft touch for the charity cases." You'd have to figure she'd know.

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