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No Guts, No Glory

Jimmy returns home and begins hastily packing a bag. Angela, as you might expect, is upset, particularly when Jimmy won't tell her what's going on. With the jealousies of the past few days piling up, Jimmy starts to make shitty comments about how Angela seemed okay with his absence last time. He pulls out the photograph he was obsessing over earlier -- her shoulders are bare! And that sexy look! He makes her feel guilty for not sending the photo to him on the front lines before mentioning how friendly Tommy was with Robert Dittrich. "Did you fuck him?" he finally asks. "Because if you did, I will go down there and fucking kill him." Well in that case! For what it's worth, Angela is reacting as anybody accused of such a thing would, and I don't think she actually fucked Dittrich. She explains that Robert and his wife, remember, befriended her and Tommy when they had no one (Jimmy notes that they had his mother, which goes without comment, but which nevertheless intrigues me -- is there a reason Angela wouldn't consider Gillian for support?). Angela tells him what a hell it was, not knowing if he was alive or dead, And just when things started to seem okay, he returned home, out of nowhere. Jimmy says he just wanted things to be normal when he got back. "Things were barely normal before you left," Angela says. "We hardly even knew each other." In Jimmy's defense, it takes time for a husband to let his wife know he's capable of blowing a man's skull apart at close range.

Down at the livery, Chalky supervises his bootlegging operation and asks his driver to bring the car around.

Meanwhile, Van Alden's at home with his wife, and it's pretty much exactly as you would expect: dark, moody lighting, utilitarian pot roast dinner which he compliments perfunctorily, schoolmarm-ish wife, giant open Bible on a stand in the corner of the room. No wonder he'd rather camp out in the AC post office.

Back to the livery, Chalky heads out into the rain, sick of waiting for the car to come around. He steps out and finds the car waiting, but no driver. On the door, somebody's scratched "LIQUOR KILLS" with a knife. Feeling the appropriate dread, Chalky turns around to see his driver hung from a beam above the doorway. Next thing we know, Nucky and Eli have arrived, and by this point, Chalky's whole organization -- women and men -- is in terrified mourning. Which is the intended effect of a lynching. The body is laid out on a table, and Chalky stands over him, telling Nucky that the boy isn't even 20 years old.

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