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At home with the Darmodys, Angela asks Jimmy how his head is feeling (lots of scene-transition humor this week). She also asks if he meant the things he said at the ceremony (about fighting for wives, sons, etc.). Jimmy says he's here, they're together, and they're safe and well fed. What else is there? Angela says there has to be something more than just that. He kisses her on the forehead. There's a knock at the door, and even after saying they have nothing to be afraid of, Jimmy grabs his gun. But it's only Richard. There's a momentary chilliness between him and Jimmy because he was gone all day (on a day when Jimmy could've used backup), but when Richard says he needed to take a walk, Jimmy simply says he'd have been better off taking a walk himself. He then asks Richard if he's up for a job tonight. There's a momentary silence, so Jimmy asks if there's a problem. Richard finally asks, "Would you fight for me?" Jimmy doesn't hesitate: "Of course I would. Right down to the last bullet." Aw! Pals! Let's get to work killing some guys, then!

Back in the garage, Eli has covered George with a sack. He sits in his darkened garage, wondering what to do.

Parkhurst sits in his home in what looks like a craft room as he examines a Native American beaded sash of some kind. The spoils of an eternal profiteer. He looks ahead out the window, and we cut to an angle from outside looking dead-on at Parkhurst. Now, time for some real talk: we know that Jimmy and Richard are going after this guy. We know that Richard's forte is sniping from long distances, so this entire scene is one long wait for the bullet to come from outside the window and the suspense is fantastic. Inside, Parkhurst's black servant, Alexander, asks if he'd like to take his cocoa tonight, and Parkhurst shows off the Sioux breechcloth that he's managed to track down after years of searching. Alexander remarks that it doesn't cover much. "They come charging at you practically bare-assed," Parkhurst growls. "Waving clubs. Thought they could stop bullets with magic! Foolish." Yes. Fools who think they can stop bullets with illusionary things like magic. Or money. Or status. We're all waiting for that sniper shot. Alexander leaves, but when Parkhurst calls out to him again, he's instead met by Jimmy and Richard, who are not sniping from the lawn but are IN the house. Nice misdirection, there. Jimmy: "I'm gonna teach you something now." He holds the old man's arms down with the cane. Parkhurst wails impotently, like when the Big Lebowski falls out of his chair. Strong men also cry, and withered old vestiges of institutional genocide also get scalped by half-faced mercenaries with hearts of gold. Yes, SCALPED. "Who the hell are you?" Parkhurst screams at Harrow. "A soldier," he replies. The one identity he can cling to. And then he gets to scalping the old racist coot.

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