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Parkhurst's screams seem to wake up Margaret, but watching it back, those screams clearly blend with another person. Still, she's awake and goes out to the hall to check out the disturbance. The children are fine, and when she turns back to the hall and is startled by Katy, who heard no screams but did hear Margaret out in the hall. Is anything wrong? Margaret's just jumpy considering the events of the day; she tells Katy to get back to bed...

And Katy is verrrrry happy to do so, because sitting in her bed, barely covered by the sheet, is Owen Sleater. Okay, Katy! Get some! Turns out there was a scream -- hers. She tells Owen to keep it down, she doesn't want to get caught. Yes, knowing Margaret's weird uncomfortable feelings around Owen, I don't think that would turn out well for Katy. And behind closed doors, in servant's quarters, Katy is not quite as charitable to Margaret. She scoffs at her snooping in the hallway, says she "probably thinks I'm pinching the silverware. I probably should be, what she pays me." Sleater raises an eyebrow, and Katy's like, "That's not all!" She tells him about Margaret making her call her family in Brooklyn "and they didn't want anything to do with her." So I guess they ARE pretending she's dead. That's rough. (I should apologize, because I missed the glaringly obvious Margaret/Peggy thing when they called Margaret's family that would have connected those dots.) Owen seems a smidge more sympathetic to Margaret than Katy is and proclaims this "hard luck." They get back to the flirty "you shouldn't be here" banter before she disrobes for a moment of Classy HBO Period Detail T&A, and then she gets back up on that, as she should.

Deputy Halloran returns to our lives as he meets Eli at the garage. He's as dumb-witted as ever, thank God. "Is it somebody I know?" he asks, looking at the dead body made unrecognizable by Eli, who scoffs that it's Mary Pickford. Halloran: "You killed Mary Pickford?!" Welcome home, Halloran. He helps Eli carry the body off.

Meanwhile, Nucky's in his office, trying to do work, when the sounds of carousing in the next room come busting through the doorway. Chip's in his undies, boozing and making a scene, while Daugherty is getting pawed at by one woman and blown by another. Chip asks Eddie to find them some champagne and oysters, and Nucky nods mirthlessly at Eddie that he should. His request granted, Chip gets back to behaving badly, drawing a stern parental tone from Nucky as he tells the "counselor" to shut the door.

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