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Warren G. Harding: An American Compromise

Rose Van Alden returns home to find a letter from her husband in the mail. And whatever's in that slender envelope, it's not wads of Darmody cash. No, that actually went to Angela, for reasons that are probably more than just simple narrative misdirection, but at this moment I'm at a bit of a loss. For now, let's just enjoy all the ways Nelson Van Alden is an awful husband. He name-drops Biblical women and their similarly barren wombs. He urges her to be a good Protestant and deprive herself of all joy so that she might better serve God or whatever the fuck his particular brand of masochist Christianity requires. To Rose's credit, she tears up the letter and has a good cry.

Nucky finally makes it home and checks in on his wounded brother. Eli's going to be okay, eventually. Eli makes sure Nucky knows the guy came out of nowhere and there was nothing he could do. He says they're under siege. Nucky tells Eli he asked Jimmy to come back. Which should do WONDERS for Eli's recovery. The Thompson brothers gape at how their little kingdom has, for the first time, devolved into chaos.

Meanwhile, Margaret Schroeder is sitting at Nucky's desk. I dearly hope she hasn't been there all night, working up the courage to open the damned ledger. She finally does, and inside she sees pages of figures and names and dollar amounts. Nucky's entire graft operation, his booze operation -- all laid out in plain numbers. So much for her tweeting happily from within the gilded cage, huh?

Joe R wants to be clear: the gilded cage is PLENTY for him. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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