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He's There, the Phantom of the Brothel

In a transition that nearly lives up to the Phantom reveal, the same music turns out to be coming from the "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" picture show that Lucy is taking in ... alone. She's frightened by the creepy movie -- as any emotional infant might be -- and she's crying because Nucky isn't there to protect her. On screen, we see the title card read Jekyll's thoughts: "Think what it would mean! To yield to every evil impulse -- yet leave the soul untouched!" Cut right to Lucy's tear-stained face. Are we in for some out-and-out evil from this imbecile? It might be an improvement.

Nucky and Teddy arrive at the house, and to Nucky's chagrin, Eli is wheeling Pa Thompson around the kitchen. Pa is clutching the fire-poker like a totem as he scowls around the room. Nucky harshly tells Eli to get him out. As he wheels past, Pa looks up at Nucky and sneers, "You think you're the king around here. But you're not worth a god damn." Charmed as ever, old man! Come see us again some time. He and Eli leave. Nucky then sends Teddy out to the car. It's hard to tell whether this was Nucky's plan all along or if seeing his father in the kitchen again made Nucky realize that no matter how clean it was or how many coats of paint went up, his father will always haunt this place. I'm honestly not sure which is true. But either way, Nucky starts dousing the kitchen with gasoline, lights a match, and tosses it into the room. The house is ablaze within seconds. Back outside, with Teddy in the car, Nucky looks on grimly at the ritual burning of his terrible childhood. Fleming drives up, in a sweaty panic, and dismays at the scene. Without flinching, Nucky pulls a wad of cash from his pocket and hands it over. "Find a better place to live," he says.

Joe R thinks that Jack Huston and Cat Deeley need to pull Aaron Paul into a polyamorous relationship, so that all his shows can be properly connected. He is not a crackpot. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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