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Well I guess every independent lady on HBO is living in Brooklyn now, because here's Margaret Thompson -- sorry, Margaret Rohan -- meeting with a Dr. and Mrs. Hollis and engaging in small talk about her place near Bushwick where she lives near her extended family. I wonder what the warehouse parties were like back during Prohibition. "Oh, you're into Scott Joplin? Yeah, he's pretty popular, I guess..." Mrs. Hollis shows Margaret to "the room," which turns out to be an examination room, confirming speculation that Margaret is here for an abortion. She approaches the topic abstractly -- "I need the doctor to bring my monthly on," she says. Mrs. Hollis is very matter-of-fact about it all. This doesn't feel surreptitious or dangerous; it's no back alley. "You can take a little time," she tells Margaret. "Come back if you'd like." I think if Margaret left the office, she might not come back. "I'm completely lost," she says, looking for an answer, but Mrs. Hollis says she never tells anyone what to do. Margaret finally asks if she is to leave her dress on. Mrs. Hollis goes to get her a clean gown, placing a hand on her shoulder as she goes.

Lucky's been freed from captivity and looks much better, rested and slick-haired again. He's in a corridor somewhere, and he's trying to explain to a stone-faced Meyer that he was collared and he made the best decision possible for them. They'll just have to pick up where they left off, and he'll cover the cost of the stash he had to give up. Lansky finally breaks his silence, only to deliver his trademark cold analytical take: "Fifty pounds. One thousand fucking dollars." Lucky can do the math. Probably wiser he doesn't say so.

The door opens, and Lansky and Luciano enter Rothstein's office, but inside is Joe Masseria, and on the table is their 50 pounds of heroin. The kids are dumbstruck. Masseria is fakely cordial to Lansky, finally willing to shake his hand but feigning ignorance of his name. "Is that ours?" Lansky asks of the heroin. "Not anymore," Masseria says. So let me try to unpack the maneuverings here. The two cops who busted Luciano and who he handed the 50 pounds to are Rothstein's men. They emerge all, "Hey, no hard feelings, right?" to Lucky. Now flush with a hundred grand worth of free product (paid for my Masseria, no less), Rothstein has more of an upper hand and has negotiated more favorable terms with Masseria. Basically, they both used Luciano as a middle-man, and Luciano effectively aced himself out of the heroin trade entirely. Rothstein has the product now, for free; Masseria still has $100,000 that Luciano will have to pay him (or else, I guess, die); and Masseria and Rothstein have now agreed to divide up the heroin trade in New York.

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