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Out on the road through the woods come the cars full of Masseria's men. Mercenaries to the last, they deserve neither or sympathy nor our mercy, which is a good thing because the woods are full of Chalky and Capone's men, who descend upon the caravan and light them up with gunfire. Capone is, of course, chomping on a cigar while he does it because at this point, who cares about clichés? After Masseria's men are sufficiently massacred. Chalky and Capone come together, take a cleansing breath, and agree that mass murder like this is just what they needed to not be so testy with each other. Is this what Waiting to Exhale was all about? Shoop, Shoop, fellas! And just like that, Capone and his men head back to Chicago, to deal with Dean O'Banion, Nelson Van Alden, and Season 4.

Back at the Maison, Nucky and Eli are surveying the damage and WTF-ing all over the place. They're on guard for anybody left who might be breathing, but everybody looks pretty dead. Nucky finds Gillian slumped against the wall, faded but conscious. He asks her who did this, but she's not THAT conscious. And true to TV cliché, she starts babbling in thematically resonant ways. "I went upstairs like you said to," she tells Nucky, perhaps as she did back on that night when the Commodore first had Nucky procure her for him. "The man ..." she says, "Nucky, he did something very bad to me." Nucky doesn't have time to look horrified for very long, as there's a noise at the end of the hallway. I can't imagine amends are in the cards for these two, but maybe a reminder of exactly how Gillian ended up at this wretched point in her life will keep Nucky from seeking retribution for the moves she's made against him. Nucky and Eli move towards the noise at the end of the hall, which we see is Tonino, hiding in the closet with his gun drawn.

Richard Harrow carries a sleeping Tommy, cradled in his arms, to Julia's doorstep. He asks her not to turn on the porch light so she won't see the blood on his face. She's scared by the secrecy, and when her father behind her turns on the lights, she's horrified by the blood. Richard is shamed, but he assures her it's neither his nor Tommy's blood. She wants to know what's going on, but her dad -- insistently but not unkindly, for once -- tells her to take the kid upstairs. To Fred's room, no less. We're all growing today, aren't we? Or maybe just Sagorsky. Julia looks at Richard for a moment, sad and scared and confused, and then heads back inside.

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