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In New York City, Jimmy is meeting with Arnold Rothstein (flanked by Lucky Luciano), and Jimmy's laying it on thick with the "I have great respect for you" shtick. Luciano smirks at him, but it seems that Rothstein appreciates the pretense. He compliments Jimmy on being well spoken and apparently out from under Nucky's wing. He then acknowledges the past between Jimmy and Lucky and commends them both for putting the past behind them (though not too far behind, from the looks of it). Jimmy makes his pitch: he's striking out on his own, and he wants Rothstein as a customer, provided he's in the market for quality liquor off the boats for a reasonable price. Rothstein wonders where this leaves Nucky. "Nucky's like a father to me," Jimmy non-answers. Lucky pipes up that he hasn't spoken to his own father in five years, and Jimmy's like "Cool story, bro!" They glare at each other, and Rothstein plows forward, wondering who, exactly, is Jimmy. "A year ago," he says, "you were a brigand in the woods." Jimmy says he's a businessman, a veteran, a father. Rothstein himself doesn't have children. "But I'm told they often say unexpected and amusing things." Heh. He applauds Jimmy's audacity and then gives him his word that his offer will stay in the room. Jimmy's like, "...What does that mean?" That means what it means, little man! As Lucky shows him out, Rothstein calls after: "Don't you find it curious that neither of us has mentioned that Nucky Thompson spent last night in jail?" Jimmy stops for a moment, like maybe he's surprised by this, but then he knowingly replies, "Things seem to be changing faster than I realized."

Outside the office, Lucky opines that "AR don't like saying no." Jimmy's like, "He don't like saying yes either, apparently." Lucky then extends an unexpected invite to a poker game he holds in the city. Jimmy's not sure what Lucky's angle is on this thing. The mistrust between them is still so thick. Lucky's like, "Fine, go fry a fuckin' egg, Farmer John." Jimmy goes to leave, then turns back to Lucky: "Give it to me straight." Lucky obliges: "Meyer thinks we should talk."

Back in AC, Nucky meets with his lawyer while shaving/changing from his night in jail. The lawyer says the bust came down from Governor Edwards, who is suddenly emboldened. And as for mister Solomon Bishop, Nucky wants to know his weaknesses. He a poor but honest type? The lawyer's like, "Married to a lesser Whitney and set his annual salary to one dollar per year, so no." I love the idea of a "lesser" Whitney. Anyway, the lawyer says that from his sources down at the courthouse, he's learned that Nucky's ship is leaking. There are two confidential witnesses against Nucky who are prepared to testify to widespread election abuses, voter intimidation, fraud, theft of ballot boxes and bribery. Eddie then tells him Margaret has heard the news, and to Nucky's credit, he asks about the children. The state police have now banished Eddie from the office, but he's already traumatized by what he saw there. "There were men touching your possessions in ways I consider offensive," he recalls.

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