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Speaking of Solomon Bishop, he's at Nucky's desk, digging through his paperwork. He hears there's a lady to see him. Out in the sitting room he finds Margaret. Or, rather, the Margaret from the pilot episode. She's dressed in a raggy coat and hat, and her stomach looks to be bulging. Oh, this lady's good. She feigns that she's a poor lady to whom Nucky has promised help. They inform her that Nucky's been arrested, and so Margaret begins to cry. She's got two wee ones at home, after all, and [pats her stomach]. She then says she's feeling weak -- may she use the facilities? Bishop's underling is very concerned about her and leads her into the office.

Nucky heads outside, to the waiting reporters. He tries to crack a couple jokes that do not fly, but he's clever and says those bad jokes aren't as bad as the joke that is this politically-motivated revenge prosecution. The reporters won't be placated, though: just how dirty is AC anyway? Is there an honest man in town? "Is there a sober man at the Philadelphia Inquirer? That riposte gets a momentary laugh from the peanut gallery, but it doesn't last. More questions. How did Nucky fix the election? Rhubarb, rhubarb...

A close-up on a stuffed grizzly bear tells us whose house we're at. The Commodore has gathered all of Nucky's ward bosses, plus Eli. While they wait for the Great White Hunter to arrive, Eli practices his plagiarism skills, as he cribs, "Nucky was weaned on the Commodore's teat." Oh my God, you POMPOUS CHILD. The other ward bosses seem to be nodding in agreement. Only Damian Fleming has his doubts. "It's a young man's game," he opines, and of course, this is when the resident old man makes his entrance. And WHOA, the Commodore's dark hair! "Did he fall into the shoe polish?" whispers one of the bosses. Commodore zeroes in on Doubting Fleming, however. He instructs him to pick up the elephant tusk that he's got mounted on the table behind the sofa. Fleming's all,"...seriously?" He reluctantly does. It's enormous and heavy, but he's holding it to his chest. The Commodore wants him to lift it up over his head. Fleming tries, but he can't, so of course the Commodore takes it from him and lifts it above his head. If that whole stunt wasn't a metaphor. Great piece of political grandstanding too. "And you're half my age, son!" Commodore punctuates. His point made, addresses the crew on the arrogance, selfishness, and neglect of Nucky Thompson. Neary is still sore about Nucky letting him take the fall after the St. Paddy's Day bust last year. "Such is his method," pontificates Eli. "And then ... [he waves his hand regally in the air] ... all is forgiven. It makes me sick!" Oh, he's really enjoying this. Dale Carnegie would be proud of rabble-rousing like this. Commodore waxes nostalgic about how they all came up in the business together, and will be once again. "Nucky Thompson's about to get seven years of lean. And woe unto them that follow him." Fleming grabs his nuts and sticks up for Nucky and his ability to get out of this electioneering mess. Neary -- who, along with little shit Patrick Ryan, were the ones who turned rat -- asks Fleming how his new house is ("That was an accident! Wasn't it?"). They plan to use Commodore's yacht-club and coast guard connections to control the flow of liquor into and out of Atlantic City. Jimmy's gonna run it. Neary, the kiss-ass, toasts Jimmy in absentia as a war hero. And what about Chalky? Commodore is as classy as ever on that subject, as he declares, "That pickaninny is neutered." He sums things up with a little metaphor-building. He gestures towards his beastiary. "Do you want to be the bear? Or do you want to be holding the shotgun?"

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