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Chalky is receiving a visit from his wife in jail. In a dainty sign of the times, the cops have put up a screen to shield her from having to look at the prisoners in the other cell. Lenore brings news from home -- their daughter, Maybelle, wants to bring a boy home; their son, Lester, sent his dad a book. She hands Chalky Lester's copy of David Copperfield, and he glances at it inscrutably. "Oh yes. It's a good one." It's time for Lenore to go, and she wishes "Albert" strength. As she leaves, the screen comes down, enough for the prisoners in the other cell to see her legs go up the stairs. That's just enough for one malcontent. "Who that little lamb tail?" sleazes one Dunn Purnsley. Chalky sets his jaw and endures Purnsley's jabs. When he asks about Chalky's book, Chalky lies that it's Tom Sawyer. Ohhh, he can't read it. But he's too proud. Chalky with some soul! Purnsley continues to verbally shred Chalky, for his clothes, for his light-skinned wife, for acting uppity with a name like "Chalky White." Chalky's taking it, but shit is TENSE. The cops arrive with another prisoner -- a white one, which means Chalky needs to go into the other cell with the black inmates. Interesting that Nucky arranged for Chalky to share a cell with him, in light of this policy. Suddenly, Chalky finds himself in the wrong part of town, surrounded by Purnsley and his men.

Nucky arrives at his office -- his actual government office, which he stops by infrequently enough that he's not sure if his secretary's name is Enid or Eunice. (It's Eunice.) Nucky asks Eunice to round up the aldermans of all the wards, and the mayor, ASAP. And to "keep up the good work." Aw. While Eddie tries to negotiate the thing where he always stands while Nucky is in the room, Nucky ducks back out to Eunice and asks her to get the number of a florist.

At home, Margaret brusquely supervises the maids as they prepare the dining room. She receives the flowers Nucky has sent -- roses with a romantic little (unsigned) card. The kids are roughhousing, with Teddy chasing his sister with a hammer. Margaret yells at him and takes it away, just as there's a knock at the door. You guys! It's a cute Irish guy! He asks for Mrs. Thompson, or the lady of the house, anyway. In order, Margaret's like, "There is none" and "You are speaking with her." He introduces himself as Owen Slater, advance man for John McGarrigle, Nucky's dinner guest tonight. She tells him he's early. He notices Emily and one of the maids inside the house and gestures towards them: "your daughters?" Margaret, horrified, is like "Only the little one!" Real smooth, guy. He apologizes and flashes a charming smile, though. That's not bad. He's come to ensure that the Thompson home is safe for McGarrigle's visit. Margaret bristles, saying, "We're not much for threatening guests," Slater's like, "Well ... the hammer." She explains about her son, Teddy, and says he's in his room. "...He's seven!" she adds. Heh.

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