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Margaret is struggling to adjust the sitting-room rug, so Slater lends a hand. She asks him about his travels in America. He's been touring the big cities with McGarrigle, filling their organizational coffers. And their organization? Margaret translates it as "Ourselves Alone," but Slater says her Gaelic's a bit off. Sinn Fein more accurately means "We Ourselves." Margaret is ambivalent as ever about Ireland. She tells him a bit about her background, growing up in county Kerry. He asks if she has family there, but she says no, they're in America, "...apparently." Interesting. Slater says she won't have to choose sides, then.

Nucky returns to his Plaza office, where Eddie is trying to clean up after the "vandals." They left a water ring! Nucky checks for the ledger in the hiding space, but it's gone. Fleming arrives to see Nucky. He says he tried talking to the other guys, but they wouldn't listen. "All's they see are the dollar signs," he says. The Commodore has cast some voodoo spell. The phone rings, and Nucky answers to find his brother on the other end of the line. Here we go. "All alone, big brother?" Eli begins. Nucky says, before anything else, "If now, right now, you tell me you want to get out of this, I will help you. I will find some way. And we will come to terms. I'm prepared to hear your side of it. I will help you. If you tell me now. Because in a minute, it's going to be too late." There's a pause. Then Eli responds, "Nobody takes power. Somebody else has to give it to them. Look around, big brother. Who you got?" Click. Nucky is shaken, by Eli's betrayal but maybe more so by Eli's words. Maybe they're true. Back to Eli, we see the Commodore is hovering over his shoulder. "Feels good to twist the knife," he says. Then he invites him to the next room to "meet the men that made this city." In the next room, Uncle Junior Muttonchops and the city elders toast to Eli in ... Latin? Ohhhh, is this a Masons thing?

At the Lansky poker game, Crazy Benny stacks chips in the corner while Jimmy plays with (and annoys) three randos. All the while, though, he watches out of one eye as Lansky gets hollered at in the other room. As the two yellers exit, Benny insults them as dagos, and when they say they'll bury him in his diaper, he starts making baby-crying sounds until Lansky tells him to cut it out. So he's going to KEEP doing that. Turns out these guys are representatives of a Mr. Masseria, who, as Benny says, "thinks he owns the Lower East Side." Lansky downplays it as a misunderstanding, but Jimmy's gears are already turning. He cashes out.

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