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Take Me to the River

Sebso is calling Nucky from the lobby of the Ritz, which already isn't making Nucky happy. Doubly so once he finds out it's because Van Alden is asking questions about the shooting. Nucky suggests Sebso sniff out a distillery bust to tamp down Van Alden's suspicions. Sebso's thick, so Nucky has to practically Google Map the location for him. "Now go look like a hero," Nucky instructs his little mole. "And let's not talk again."

Immediately after Nucky hangs up, he notices Eddie loitering by the door. He's got "a woman in distress" waiting to talk to Nucky. Aaaaand in storms Anabelle, all righteous fury about Harry stealing her floorboard money. Nucky tells her he'll hear her out, but no screaming, crying, or throwing things. He's also fairly dubious as to the "theft" of three grand she'd been lifting from Harry over the years. "I worked my tail off for that money," she retorts, which is also true. She invokes her poor daughter and starts to cry, which is clearly against Nucky's conversational rules. Ham-handed offers of sexual favors aren't, though, and Anabelle is right on top of those. He hands her a pile of folded cash and wonders where the tears are. "Ride me like you used to," she whispers, "and I'll soak the pillow through." Okay, what is it about Nucky Thompson's dick that makes women talk like especially smutty Danielle Steele heroines, and how has Margaret thus far remained immune? Anyway, speak of the Irish-accented devil, because Margaret was standing in the doorway, just in time to hear Nucky reply that he'll keep Anabelle's offer in his pocket. Margaret saunters in and says Nucky will keep that offer in mind. "Mr. Thompson's gift is that he never forgets who owes him a favor." Nucky shamelessly says he's found that a good quality to have. He explains Anabelle's predicament, and Margaret quickly busts her for having taken five dollars from Margaret earlier. Anabelle slinks out, duly chagrinned. With her gone, Margaret then tells Nucky, through clenched teeth, that she scored him the League of Women Voters' endorsement for Bader. Nucky, still pretending they're not in a giant fight, tells her that's wonderful. "Then I'm glad to have been of use to you," Margaret snips, then storms off.

Jimmy's at his Ma's place, updating her on the Commodore's condition. Update: still dying. Jimmy's not thrilled to have heard that Gillian's spending time with his dad, but she explains that they would talk occasionally while Jimmy was off at the war. Jimmy then muses about what it must've been like at thirteen, all alone with a son. Gillian says she managed -- and Nucky would help them too. "And why would Nucky do that?" Jimmy asks. The accusation in his tone isn't hard to find, and you get the feeling he's been hanging onto that one for a while. Gillian, in her usual matter-of-fact manner, explains that Nucky was the one who would, essentially, procure her for the Commodore's benefit. "A pimp?" Jimmy asks. "An ambitious young man," Gillian says, generous as ever. "He had a wife. He wanted to start a family." Jimmy wonders if that makes it okay. Gillian, as ever, doesn't want to deal with questions of right and wrong. She instead reminisces about Mabel, Nucky's wife. "Nucky has always been kind, to you and me both," she says. She supposed the whole affair with her and the Commodore always bothered him, and he's tried to make up for it. But Gillian would rather talk about how long Jimmy's hair used to be. For all my complaints about other characters, Gillian's one they're getting right. Really interesting mix of frank and elusive, she's great.

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