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Peg of Old

Nucky's in his office, dishing out abuse to his lawyer, who I finally had to look up to learn his name is Isaac Ginsburg. Obviously, Nucky is pissed that after all their fancy legal maneuvering, all he has to show for it are FEDERAL charges instead of state ones. And this new federal prosecutor won't be bought off with the promise of free blowjobs at the Ritz either. The word on her is that she's basically the token honest public servant in the AG's office. Isaac is like, "What do you want me to do if even the AG can't help you?" Nucky says between the Commodore in a diaper, O'Neill "off hiding" (that's one way of putting it), and ward bosses like Neary and Paddy Ryan presumably running scared, is there no way Isaac can lean on them? Eddie interrupts which only perturbs Nucky further. But Eddie figures Lucy with a bassinet is the more pertinent meeting. Isaac could not be more thrilled that he's off the hook for the time being.

Alone with Lucy, Nucky immediately is like "I have not seen you for at least a year." In other words: "Not my baby!" She takes offense, somehow, so he apologizes and congratulates her. Lucy comes honest: she thought of shaking him down, but knew she'd never be able to pull it off. And that's no way for a mother to behave. Nucky's happy she's taking this seriously. She reminisces about their good times, and says back then, she woke up with only one thing she had to do: make Nucky happy. Now she's got someone else she's got to make happy. Forever. She doesn't say this resentfully. In fact, there's a glimmer of hope that Lucy may be turning over a new leaf. But she needs money. Nucky asks about the father, if she even knows who it is. Oh, she knows. And he might too.

Cut to Van Alden, who is Sourly watching Randolph conduct her business, which at the moment is interviewing Neary. Her underling closes the door to Van Alden's office so he won't eavesdrop on her squeezing Neary's nuts. Even though Neary had already signed on to be a confidential witness against Nucky, she's pressing him with threats of jail time for offenses he thought he'd gotten immunity for. Meanwhile, Van Alden gets a call he must attend to.

Back to Brooklyn, the Rohans are having dinner. Aylesh asks, "Did you take a boat here, Miss?" Her sisters tell her she's not a "Miss" -- "She's our Peg of old." I love the way that phrase sounds so much; no wonder they chose it for the episode title. Margaret tells them a bit of her life in Atlantic City and her two children with American names. Eamoinn asks of her husband, and she says Hans passed a year ago. Nuala is saddened to hear she's a widow so young, but Eamoinn wants to know how a single mother has the money to jaunt out to Brooklyn for a day and leave her children in the care of others. Margaret looks ashamed when she says they're being looked after by someone she pays. The sisters chide Eamoinn, saying what's wrong if she can afford it? Eamoinn checks his watch; he's working the night shift, digging the 4th Avenue line. And while he's talking about what a tireless worker he is, he mentions that Nuala sews in a room full of a hundred women, little Beth works at a laundry, and Aylesh is in school. Otherwise she'd be loading the steamboats down at the naval yards. Margaret says she knows they work hard. She then very delicately says she could help them out. Eamoinn says they haven't asked. Awkwardness. "Beth made a trifle," Nuala offers. Y'all, consider the topic changed.

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