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Peg of Old

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Peg of Old

Lucky Luciano washes up at the sink, shirtless with a gun tucked into his waistband. It's a good look, I'll just say it. Gillian must think so too, because she slinks up behind him, one boob hanging out of her dress. He tells her this is a bad idea -- he obviously knows she's a manipulator; he has a better grasp on that than most, I'd say -- but maybe his guard is the slightest bit down now that they're purportedly on the same side? She says fine, she'll just go and sew her dress back up then. He turns and grabs her by the shoulders. "I'm gonna whip you through the mud like a filly at Belmont," he tells her. Oh... oh, my.

Van Alden returns home, calling for Lucy. He hears someone softly humming to the baby off in the bedroom. That... would not be Lucy. He heads back, hopeful that it's Rose, but it's not, just the neighbor lady. Lucy asked her to watch the baby while she stepped out to get some formula. Yeah, she stepped out all right. When Van Alden approaches the record player, sniffing at something foul in the air, he finds it spinning with a soiled diaper on it. Pinned to that diaper is the title page to the "A Dangerous Maid" script. Well, she's off to a theatrical start, at least.

After trifle (UNSEEN trifle, I might add), the girls all gossip with Margaret about how she's got a car rented out for the day, probably paid for by her "man." Aylesh spins a tale about a powerful and mysterious man, with minions. "People do his bidding, or they pay the price," she says. Yeah, not lately. Margaret is momentarily struck by the girl's prescience but plays along. "Yes," she smirks, "with a snap of the finger!" But he has a secret tragedy," Aylesh continues. "His heart was broken and he'll never let anyone near it again." That's one's even more on the mark. The other girls tease Aylesh for always having her nose in a book, and Margaret offers to send her some. She then prepares to make her leave. Beth says to think of them every now and again, but Margaret says Atlantic City is a mere three-hour drive away. But the way Nuala hugs her and weepily marvels at how after all these years they've seen their Peg of old again, you get the sense they feel this is a goodbye. But when Margaret gets to the bottom of the stairs, Aylesh comes running after her, saying she made up the stuff about her minion-threatening man; she's sure he's nice! "He can be," Margaret smiles. "And we're sisters," Aylesh says, as if to remind herself. Margaret introduces herself properly: "I'm Margaret Catherine Sheila Rohan." They shake hands before Eamoinn calls Aylesh back inside. As she runs up the stairs, she shouts back to Margaret, "Send me books! I like anything with horses in them!"

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