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Peg of Old

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Peg of Old

Van Alden sits with the baby, thumbing through the Bible in a search for baby names. The little darling kind of makes a noise when Van Alden gets to "Abigail." Maybe that's it? Anyway: Cute baby alert! Genetically improbable cute baby alert!

Next day, Van Alden strides into work and just starts talking to "Mrs." Randolph (it's "Miss," she tells him). He asks to speak privately, and when it's just them, he starts off with, "I am a married man." "There goes my dream," she says, once again with a deadpan. I like this bitch! He tells her straight up about his embarrassing indiscretion with Lucy and the current situation with the baby. She's all "phone a priest," but he says he's telling her this so she knows he is at heart an honest man. He hands over the file he's been keeping on Nucky for 16 months, full of bootlegging, gambling, vice, extortion, and murder. Esther is clearly impressed, but she plays it cool. Why has he been sitting on this? He says he was ordered by his supervisor to focus on alcohol. She gets him to confirm that he'll testify to all this. He goes to leave, and she tells him they will get his domestic situation "sorted out." He doesn't tell her about Nucky's offer, however. Maybe he's playing both sides? I guess if she can get his "domestic situation sorted out" he won't have to? Esther does tell him to quit telling everybody about his little bastard child, though.

However long later, Margaret returns to that alley in Brooklyn and Aylesh over. Cut to them walking, Aylesh opening a package with a book inside ("A Girl, a Horse, and a Dog" -- let no one say Margaret isn't an attentive gift-giver). Margaret says to write her and tell her all about it. "We'll have a secret correspondence," Aylesh says. Margaret smiles: "That'd be a good crack." Aylesh doesn't get the saying, and Margaret says their mam used to say it. Aylesh asks what their mom was like, and in the same breath she gets wary of the book. "The horse doesn't die, does it? I wouldn't like that." Margaret sees that poor Aylesh has grown up with so much loss. She tells Aylesh she can visit over the summer and meet her niece and nephew. Just then, Eamoinn approaches, filthy with grime from his work. He sends Aylesh away with her book. Margaret looks gaudily clean next to her brother as he accuses her of trying to buy away her guilty feelings. Um, yeah, it's called FAMILY, Eamoinn. "Must you hate me?" Margaret asks him. He says he doesn't feel much about her at all. He hands her back the money, saying he doesn't know where it's from. Margaret sums her brother up pretty well: "You're honest are you? Never take more than you need. Never talk back to the priest or the boss or the policeman. Never question. Never make a fuss. Never dare to stand up for me, your own flesh and blood, who begged you for help when she'd nowhere else to turn. And you're proud of it." BOOM. Eamoinn stands firm. "You did as you wanted, Peg. You always have." She says she'll make Aylesh's life better. Eamoinn's all, like you made yours? He tells her to go home and leave them be. "No one knows you here." I really hope Kelly Macdonald uses this as her Emmy submission. And I hope she wins. Back in the car, she totally breaks down.

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