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Peg of Old

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Peg of Old

Unaware of any of this, Margaret returns home to find no one there but Owen. She initially refuses his help with her bags, but he insists. They have awkward small talk about New York and the humidity therein. She tells him to leave her luggage at the foot of the staircase. He tells her the children are with Katy at the park and that Nucky gave him the afternoon off to take care of some business. She wonders why he's not making an effort to find him now. Prickly, isn't she? "You find it odd here, ever?" Sleater asks her. In this country, he means. Boy, is that ever the right button to push today. He says everything feels off here, from the air to the water to the people. "And yourself," he says, "bit by bit. And you think, if I vanish now, who'd care? Or even notice?" Oh, sexy broody Irish with a poetic streak? That NEVER works. Clearly this strikes a chord in Margaret, but she tries to push it away, telling him he should be on the beach with Katy, then. Doesn't she want him with Mr. Thompson? In either case, she says, he shouldn't be here. He says he'll go if she tells him to. "Are you mine to command?" Ooooh, girl, this is some torrid Jane Eyre dialogue happening right now. She tells him to bring the bag upstairs.

Upstairs, she lays out how this is going to go. As she lets down her hair, she says when they're done, he'll leave and not speak a word about it, ever. He kisses her, and they're off to the races. So many clothes to remove in 1920! The closeup on her face as he, um, enters her reveals that Margaret has possibly never had it quite this good. Clearly, Nucky's been bested in a couple ways today.

Joe R is serious about that Kelly Macdonald Emmy. Unless Margo Martindale gets on another show besides A Gifted Man. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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