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Nucky and Margaret's New Year's Rockin' Eve

Richard is showing Tommy some of his mother's paintings; his real mother. He even points out her signature on them, Angela Darmody. Tommy sounds the name out. He says he wants to make a picture, and Richard sits him down with a pencil and paper. It's very sweet. He's drawing a horse. Richard tells Tommy that his mother drew him once, a long time ago. At this, Gillian appears in the doorway, asking what was a long time ago. Richard answers, "The war." Gillian wonders if that's a suitable topic, in a very schoolmarmish way. She asks what they're doing, and when Tommy says he's making a picture like his mother, Gillian reminds him: "I'm your mother now" and leads him off to bed. She tosses Richard a look as she leaves. He stays behind and stares at Angela's painting.

Back in Chicago, Al Capone and a crony march into a tiny florist's shop, where Dean O'Banion barks "We're closed!" before he turns and realizes who it is. Then he starts panicking. No Torrio to save him this time. Capone does that clich├ęd thing where he knocks over a flower pot and is all "Oops!" O'Banion asks if he really wants to do this, and Capone delivers the correct comeback, saying, "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you." It's about to go down when the bell over the door jingles, and who walks in but Van Alden, STILL making door-to-door calls. O'Banion, thinking remarkably quick on his feet, scolds this stranger, "Where the fuck have you been?" Van Alden, confused, starts to speak, but O'Banion shuts him down: "Shut your yap and look smart! We've got company!" Van Alden, in people-pleasing salesman mode, does as he's told and seems to catch on. Capone, seeing that the field has leveled, growls at O'Banion to watch his step, but O'Banion persists, telling Capone that he's on the North Side now, and unless he wants a taste of what's in Van Alden's briefcase (Van Alden raises his case and "threateningly" opens one latch -- he's being kind of hilarious this week), he'd better watch HIS step. Capone stares him down for a second before leaving.

O'Banion immediately locks the door behind him, then starts whooping at Van Alden for their little improv theater bit. He offers his hand and meets "George Meuller with the Farraday Electric Iron Company." O'Banion sets about assembling a bouquet for Meuller's wife, gratis, and before Van Alden can even get into his sales pitch, O'Banion orders two dozen irons. Van Alden is dumbstruck at his good fortune (and maybe a little more dumbstruck that anybody has that kind of money to throw around as basically a thank-you). O'Banion compliments Mr. Meuller on his poker face and says if he ever wants a real job, just remember his name. This seems likely to bear fruit later on.

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