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Nucky and Billie are fooling around in bed, but they're not in the swanky confines of the Atlantic City Ritz, so they must be in that 57th St. apartment Rothstein was talking about last week. The one he owns. Billie gets up, naked of course, because putting on a goddamn robe to change the pan beneath the radiator just is not the HBO way. She has Nucky help her dispose of the water, and then answers the phone with some cryptic but very flirtatious comments that Nucky can't help but overhear from the next room. Billie doesn't appear to be doing too much to hush herself, so maybe it's nothing. Nucky doesn't ask about it, either way.

Afterwards, they make some sexy small talk about some product logo I'm unfamiliar with, and Nucky spots a man's razor that sure doesn't seem to be his in the medicine cabinet. Again, he says nothing (though he does remove the razors). She's excitedly spitballing an idea for her cabaret routine about a hummingbird, including the part where she flirts the men out of their money, so obviously this is a sophisticated relationship where Billie can be open about how she makes her money, though Nucky doesn't seem to be enjoying that aspect of it very much. She asks him if he's being a Gloomy Gus, and he attempts to snap out of it. He tells her he has a meeting today at the Hotel Astor and that he also intends to talk to her landlord about this flooding radiator. She says she doesn't like to bother Mr. Rothstein, but Nucky says he quite enjoys it, which seems like a fine arrangement, then.

Back in Atlantic City, Chalky White is working on some furniture, while his former jailhouse nemesis turned right hand man Dunn Purnsley plays the piano, and Samuel, the nice young college boy who's courting his daughter Maybelle, sits quietly and wonders if there might be a better time to talk. Chalky inquires about Samuel's education -- he's graduating in two years, to become a doctor. Nucky makes a brief reference to Samuel's parents, who he calls "respectable folk." Samuel assures Chalky that they've always held him in "high regard," which is the kind of condescending shit Chalky must have to put up with all the time.

So the purpose of this visit is that Samuel intends to make a life with Maybelle -- to marry her, not in so many words -- and he wants to ask Chalky's permission before he asks her. Chalky doesn't answer, but instead asks this aspiring doctor to check him out. Samuel asks if anything is bothering him. "I don't know," says Chalky, seemingly on the level. "I ain't no doctor, am I?" So Samuel proceeds to take Chalky's vitals, sans instruments, which means he takes his pulse by touching Chalky's neck, in an oddly intimate gesture, and listens to his breathing by holding a glass to his ear. Purnsley, by the way, is watching this all like a total creep. Anyway, Samuel's very professional diagnosis is that Chalky has a mineral deficiency (haha, "chalky," mineral deficiency, I get it); he should start eating more leafy vegetables. So Chalky tells Purnsley to tell the cook to whip up a big pot of greens, then welcomes Samuel to the family.

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