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At St. Theresa's hospital, Margaret pays a visit to Mrs. Scherer, the woman who had the miscarriage last week. This woman, far from being the delicate victim Margaret may have had in her head, is kind of a cranky broad. She says she can't be lazing about in bed for days on end. Margaret tells her she's trying to find better ways for the hospital to take care of patients. "Did Dr. Cheever offer any advice about how to tend to yourself in the future?" she asks. "I don't need anyone to tell me, after bringing nine into this world," Mrs. Scherer says, indignant. Though she quietly amends, "Five that lived." Margaret tells about her two children, as a way to bond, if nothing else. She asks what Mr. Scherer does, causing Mrs. Scherer to defensively squawk that they'll pay the bill. Margaret says she's simply trying to get a sense of what her life is like, which earns her a perturbed, "None of your business," from Mrs. Scherer.

Nucky walks into the room at the Hotel Astor and finds it empty, with a big goldfish bowl perched on a table. Inside that bowl, a hundred dollar bill. Nucky doesn't know what the fuck to do, so he calls out, "Hello?" After a few more moments of silence, a funny little Southern-inflected voice calls out, "In the boooowl! Just put the money on the bowl." Nucky turns to a closed door and says he's not doing that. He finds the door locked and says that he's not just going to leave $40,000 to some unknown person. Ah, so this is the payoff to Harry Daugherty. Harry said there'd be a new go-between for the money. "It's the entire essence of the system," calls the voice. Nucky goes to leave, then hears the door open a crack.

He walks in to find our old pal Stephen Root, from NewsRadio and countless guest appearances. He introduces himself as "Gaston Bullock Means," a special investigator for the Justice Department. And crooked as all get out, it would seem. Quite gentlemanly, though. Nucky asks what happened to Jess Smith, and Means simply says he's conspicuous by his absence. We see on the table, along with quite the elegant meal Means is enjoying, is the tumbler glass with the goldfish in it, so here's our guy from the opening scene. Nucky complains about this baroque method of transaction, but Means says it "shares the twin virtues of simplicity and mystery." This guy likes to hear himself talk, I think, but basically he wants to so compartmentalize the payoff process so that while the money makes it through, the connections are so tenuous as to be nonexistent.

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