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Back in Atlantic City, Mickey drops Eli off at home and instructs him to be ready by 8 AM sharp, just to be an asshole. Eli re-enters his home to a hero's welcome from most of his children. His oldest, William, greets his dad with a handshake, more standoffish than the rest. His sister tells Eli he's gotten a job at a lumber yard, and Eli seems surprised and maybe a tad dismayed by this. But there's no time to dwell, as his wife appears and the two embrace.

Baaaack in Tabor Heights, Rosetti and his henchman enter a diner (the diner?) and sit down at the counter. And so proceeds a scene that is almost entirely "business" -- just a lot of fussy character business designed to make us all marvel at what a quirky and complicated character Rosetti is -- a fish out of water, ordering the spaghetti at a diner, which has to be the saddest meal one could possibly order if one cares even the slightest bit for quality Italian food. For someone from Sicily, like Rosetti, hearing this poor, well-meaning waitress talk about the noodles that come with a red sauce (but you could have it with butter instead!) must be horrifying. But he continues to very unconvincingly play the role of magnanimous businessman and orders the spaghetti ... and maybe some wine to go with it.

The waitress says they don't serve wine -- it's against the law, after all. Even so, he says -- in the back, in the cupboard, they must have some. From across the diner, the sheriff from before enters and pointedly tells Rosetti that the best thing they serve here is the coffee; why not just have that? Rosetti gets the message and orders the titular Spaghetti and Coffee. The sheriff then does that thing sheriffs in movies and TV do where he purports to make small talk, but the subtext of every syllable is "leave town, I know you're a criminal." It's the greatest hits of Get Outta My Town: the "just passing through?" bit, the "nothing much to do around here" bit; the "you look like you come from New York City" bit. Rosetti, again, seems to get the message.

Nucky has indeed made it to that meeting with Arnold Rothstein, and while Rothstein plays pool, Nucky's giving him an earful about Means and his odd ways. To Nucky, this is a pretty poor bellwether of how things are going with Harry Daugherty, and he doesn't need another headache. Rothstein says he's heard Means is peculiar, but he doesn't so much mind the man's excess caution. "You can never be too careful," he says, "especially given the volatility in the market." Nucky guesses that Rothstein's talking about Manny Horvitz's untimely end without actually talking about it.

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