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Gyp Rosetti and the Queen of the Harpies

Maybe I'm a dummy, but the first time I watched this, I still hadn't caught on to what Gillian's plan was. Had she just snapped and gone psycho? She seemed so calm. Eventually, she crosses the room to retrieve a pair of dog tags. Jimmy's. She places them around dead Roger's neck and leaves the syringe next to the tub. So I guess this is how easy it was to pass off one man's death as another, in the pre-forensic 1920s? I actually thought at this point that Gillian would burn the Maison Derriere to the ground, collect that insurance money in her own name, but no, she just lights a cigarette after a long day's work. R.I.P., Roger the Fuck Stallion. You made my having to contemplate this incest storyline more bearable.

Rosetti meets with Joe Masseria, and the latter is obnoxiously pompous and disingenuous as ever. He's furious at Rosetti for neglecting his New York territory for this foolishness in Tabor Heights, particularly now that it's gone bad. He can't control Rosetti, he can't rely on him, and he can't afford him. It looks like he's walking away from him for good, so Rosetti offers up a Hail Mary pass: he says that Nucky Thompson and Arnold Rothstein are building something that threatens Masseria's place in the criminal hierarchy, and they're using Luciano right from under his nose. Masseria doesn't seem concerned about these people, but Rosetti makes an impassioned case: they're not like them! Jews and Micks and people who don't respect where they came from. Not Italians like them. Certainly not Luciano with his Jew friends. Rosetti wants Masseria's backing to wage proper war; Thompson, Rothstein, Luciano, the rest -- he'll kill them all. Then Masseria won't just be a boss, he'll be a king. Masseria, as you might expect, is listening.

At home that night, Nucky and Margaret are unwinding from a long day with family. They talk about June and Eli, Margaret liking her so much and Nucky saying that Eli has never had eyes for anyone else (nice subtle self-implication there, Nuck). She says June's grateful to him for all he's done for them, which makes Nucky think. Margaret's also impressed that Nucky can juggle. He says it's a childhood skill he picked up down on the Midway. He can juggle, she says, and be charming and funny and generous. He says she can be all those things as well. Ah, but she can't juggle, she says. He offers to teach her right now, but it's "too late," she says. She means too late in the evening, but the double meaning is gears-grindingly obvious.

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