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Gyp Rosetti and the Queen of the Harpies

Back at Eli's, June is also processing the day's events. She seems completely wiped form the effort of putting on a wonderful family holiday, the way it used to be. She says she liked Margaret ... but she's not happy. Eli kindly tells her, "That's their problem." The phone rings, and Eli answers to Nucky on the other end. He wanted to tell Eli what he should have said earlier: Eli was the only smart one warning about that impending disaster in Tabor Heights. He put himself on the line, and it didn't go unnoticed. Starting tomorrow, he'll be co-running the warehouse with Mickey Doyle. Which is about as mixed a blessing as you can ask for in this life. Eli thanks his brother, and Nucky tells him the whole family had a good time, before hastily hanging up. Brothers!

Richard's at home, pasting the photo from the Boardwalk today into his scrapbook. Gillian knocks on the door, back to feigning pre-menstrual weakness. She makes small talk -- about the girls, who have returned; about Tommy. He asks if she's feeling better, and she finally says out loud, "My son is dead. And nothing on Earth will ever bring him back." Richard has no possible response to this. He's saved by the screaming of the girls downstairs. A body's been discovered.

Joe R is seeing so many happy circumstances just waiting to be torn apart in the final five episodes. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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