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Gyp Rosetti and the Queen of the Harpies

Back at Gillian's, she's now joined in her boudoir by Roger the Love Monkey, her blond, brick house of a replacement for Jimmy. He can't stop commenting on the opulence of the house. She talks about how her husband left it to her, and how their relationship was one full of "sunlight ad shadow." At this point, Gillian could be talking about either the Commodore or Jimmy at this point, which is freaking me out. Even though she demurs that she can barely pay her bills, he says she could easily sell it and walk away wealthy. The eagerness with which Roger jumps to the idea of swimming around in her cash is not lost on Gillian. She asks if he came over just to talk about real estate. He asks how many rooms are in the house. Twenty, she says. "Get over here," he retorts, "and we'll start in this one." Well! Gillian suggests they eat first, though. He'll need his strength. Well AGAIN!

At the front steps to Eli's house, Nucky, Margaret, and Teddy wait patiently for Emily to climb the steps on her crutches. We cut to her POV and it's a rather intimidating glance up to Eli, June, and their five thousand children. June asks if they should help her up, and Margaret kindly says only if she asks for it. After a bit more effort, Emily brightly says, "Okay!" and Willie, Eli's oldest, picks his cousin up and carries her in. At which point the other Thompson cousins officially welcome and introduce themselves to Nucky, Margaret and Teddy.

Elsewhere, Richard leads Tommy up the steps to the Sagorskys. Tommy asks if this is Richard's sister's house. Richard is surprised he told Tommy about his sister, but Tommy's like, "You don't remember anything! You have a sister and a mommy and a daddy and they live on a farm." Richard's like, "Yes, in Wisconsin. And while this is Michigan Avenue, it's not the same thing." He rings the bell and asks Tommy how he looks. Tommy tells him to straighten his glasses. These two make quite a team. Julia answers the door and welcomes them both. Richard is acting very shy. He hands Julia the flowers, and from behind her, Sagorsky bellows, "Aw! Are these for me!" Oh cram it, Uncle Cockblock.

Nucky and Eli sit on the front porch, the same place they sat when Nucky informed his brother that he'd be going to prison for the murder of Hans Schroeder. Eli starts to talk about business, but Nucky just acts annoyed. He figures Eli wants to complain about Mickey and have him address it. Eli thinks they're just talking. Nucky asks for a drink, but Eli says he promised June he'd stop drinking, at least not before sundown or in the house. "I gotta tell you, it keeps your head clear," he says. Nucky, unwilling to give his brother an inch of credit, scoffs at him for preaching temperance. Eli finally says that all he wants is for them to have a nice dinner today. He doesn't have to talk about anything else. No response from Nucky.

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