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Gyp Rosetti and the Queen of the Harpies

Inside, Margaret helps Emily through saying grace, and afterward, before they get down to eating, June stops them all so she can say something. She goes into a long and probably somewhat prepared speech about how grateful they are to have Nucky back at their table, and to meet Margaret and Teddy and Emily. "What I love about spring," she says, with so much sincerity it hurts, "is how everything starts growing again. When it's all been so gray." She finally starts crying and can't finish her speech. Great shot down the table of Eli kissing his wife, fully supportive, while we look down the table at Margaret and Nucky, who have lost that kind of relationship.

At the Sagorsky's, they're joined for dinner by three men from the Legion, one of whom says grace, only to get crap from Sagorsky for the childish version he used. Sagorsky then turns to Tommy and wonders what the hell he's doing here (Julia exposits for us that Richard has been "taking care of" them lately). Sagorsky is sober enough at this point for the questioning to be playfully gruff, but you can tell from the way everybody reacts to him that they don't expect that good-natured edge to last much longer into the day. Case in point: Sagorsky moves on to discussing the reason for the holiday and the "suckers" who believe in the second coming of Jesus. The Legion guys tell him to pipe down in front of the kid, but he does no such thing. He asks Richard confrontationally how he can believe in God after what's happened to him. Julia tells her father to stop, but he insists Richard answer. "Just because you don't believe in something," Richards says, thoughtfully and with his tademark generosity of spirit, "doesn't mean it's not real." One of the Legioners interrupts to ask if they can finally eat, and Julia asks for Richard to come help her in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Julia laments how things are going. Richard says he's used to it, but she says he only thinks he is. This is only the beginning. Richard says at least her father has her, to which she replies, "Every boxer needs a sparring partner." Alarmed, Richard asks if he hits her; she quickly backtracks and then explains what a metaphor is. She then uncovers a plate of food she's set aside for Richard, so he won't have to eat in front of the other guests. She worries if this was the right thing to do, but he simply thanks her, if a bit sadly, for the consideration. She returns to the dinner table, while Richard takes off his mask and says a small prayer of grace to himself.

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