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Gyp Rosetti and the Queen of the Harpies

Margaret sits down, affected. She tells June about Nucky's mistress and how they hardly talk anymore. "He's involved in doings I can't bear to think about." She says they take turns blaming each other and that she feels like "the light is being pressed out of me." June, bless her heart, takes it all in, thinks for a moment, and then turns her attention to the pineapple upside-down cake they brought. She goes to find a cake dish and places her hand on Margaret's shoulder as she passes. From outside, it sounds like Emily found the red egg. Good for her.

At the Sagorsky Happy Hour, Sagorsky is in the middle of a rant against the corrupt Harding administration. And while history will prove him right, everybody still wishes he'd just calm down about it while they try to have a nice dinner. Someone asks him who he voted for, and Sagorsky says "Eugene V. Debs." The youngest of the vets laughs that he voted for a Bolshevik, but Richard corrects him that Debs is a socialist. Before we can get into the finer points of a Communism-vs-Socialism debate that still has not been clarified enough for some people in 2012, Tommy gets up and tells Sagorsky he has to go to the bathroom. Sagorsky rudely stonewalls the kid for a moment before, at Julia's urging, telling him it's the second door upstairs. He then reminds Tommy to "aim that pistol straight at the bowl." Okay, so at this point he's that gruff and unpleasant uncle we all avoid, but still relatively harmless.

Upstairs, after Tommy's done his business, he does what kids do and wanders around. And of course he ends up poking around at the door with the sports pennant on it. He turns the knob and sees the preserved room of Julia's dead brother. The music of youth and athleticism and altruistic military service starts playing from some unseen source, and I don't know if the show is trying to play it cute with the music cues or if we're supposed to believe Sagorsky keeps music playing in his dead son's preserved bedroom all day or what.

Eli and Nucky's talk in the garage is going very slowly. They small-talk about his knighting by the church, before Eli gets to the point: he served 16 months, lost all that time with his kids, handed in his badge -- hasn't he taken enough punishment? Nucky says he has his freedom and a job, "under the circumstances" (i.e. considering you tried to have me killed), he thinks he made out pretty well. Eli says he can't live this way, loading trucks and riding shotgun for $30 a day and taking orders from Mickey Doyle. Nucky thinks that's what this whole faux-family event was about -- Eli hoping to butter Nucky up so he can weasel out from under Mickey's thumb.

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