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Gyp Rosetti and the Queen of the Harpies

The men finally get down to the crux of their conflict: Eli thinks Nucky is shoving him down just because he can, while Nucky thinks that Eli just takes and takes and takes, does any number of disloyal things, and expects to just be fine because they're brothers. Classic brother dynamics. Eli pulls a pistol down from a shelf and lays it on the table as Nucky kind of rolls his eyes. Eli's all, "Shoot me, then. You know you eventually will." Ah, the old Eli, just in time for me to temper my good feelings. Nucky picks up the gun and removes all the bullets. "Why does it always have to be such a melodrama with you?" he asks. I mean. Seriously.

Roger and Gillian are in bed, barely covered by the sheets. I feel like Gillian's erect nipples have gotten more storyline in the past two weeks than Chalky White has all season. He prods her a little about this deceased love of hers, but she's evasive at first. Up until this point, it's still plausible she could be talking about the Commodore or Jimmy, but now she says they "knew each other as children," which is one hell of a fine point to put on things. She also says she was older than he, so yeah, she's waxing rhapsodic about the sexual relationship she had with her dead son. She says he "walked out one night" and she never saw him after that. Again, literal truths as a way for her to avoid saying what's real. She changes the subject to where they'll go on their imagined cross-country odyssey. He talks about flying down to Cuba and drinking rum punch all day, which I'll admit doesn't sound half bad. He goes to climb back on top of her, but she says before they do, she wants to do something to him: she wants to bathe him. Like ... okay.

Tommy's upstairs in the Forbidden Bedroom, and he's progressed to playing with the army soldiers on the floor. Our POV is low on the floor, so we only see the pair of adult feet step up behind him. Sagorsky asks him what the hell he's doing, and before Tommy can even explain that he's playing with the army men, Sagorsky picks the kid up by his collar and Tommy starts screaming. The dinner guests come rushing up the stairs, led by Julia. Sagorsky gets increasingly emotional as he hollers at Julia about the kid violating Freddy's room. Julia says he's a kid, and Freddy's things "don't matter." Sagorsky says they matter to him; they matter more than "that freak you invited ... they matter more than you!" Julia bears that particular arrow and tells her father that he's a drunk who doesn't know what he's saying, but he doesn't back down. Richard finally steps ahead and firmly tells Sagorsky to let Tommy go, now. Sagorsky's like, "Or what?" "Or I'll kill you," Richard says. No point in beating around the bush, then. Sagorsky tells them all to get out of his house. "You're all a bunch of goddamn strangers," he says, then fixes his daughter with a look: "every one of you." He shuts himself inside his dead son's room and makes no attempt to hide his loud sobbing.

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