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The Age of Reason

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The Age of Reason

Lucy is at home, puttering around the kitchen, when her water breaks. As was inevitable, she lifts up the hem of her slip to make sure we all remember what her vagina looks like, then crumples into the chair.

At the Ritz, Eddie pops some champagne to toast Chippy's victory, while Chip proceeds to make an ass of himself in front of Nucky and his lawyer. He even asks the rest of them if they know who his father is. Gauche in the extreme. Nucky calls up Harry, who passes on Jess's thanks for the Remus deal. Harry also seems to think Nucky now owes him one. Nucky says it's more like they're even -- provided "Skippy" here tanks the case. Harry says to take care of the boy, he goes way back with his dad (of course). Chip calls himself a "red-blooded American boy," and says he'd be interested in some "cherry pie, a la mode, if you get my meaning." Hoo-boy, Lucy Danziger might want to waddle to the side because we've got a new most objectionable character on the map! Nucky's like, "I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but Eddie here will find you some pussy." Paraphrasing. Nucky says it nicer. Chip puts his arm around Eddie like a jackass as they exit Nucky's suite.

At Nucky's home, Sleater is horsing around with Teddy as he returns home with Margaret. She's all smiles until Katy comes into the hallway and Owen starts flirting shamelessly with her. After he goes, Margaret asks to speak with Katy in the next room and proceeds to essentially slut-shame her for carrying on in such a manner when there are children in the house. Katy unfortunately fails to ask Margaret if she and Nucky somehow got married on their way home today in order to satisfy the requirements of this suddenly child-friendly household. She just grits her teeth and takes it. Of course, she gets to hump Sleater later, so let's not feel too sorry for her. (I suppose that's Margaret's line of thinking as well.)

Hospital. Agent Van Alden holds a vigil of sorts outside Agent Clarkson's room. Poor Clarkson looks pink and boiled and deformed after the explosion. Supervisor Elliot and Agent Sawicky stop by, and Elliot is dismayed and sardonic. "How is he still alive?" he wonders. "He loves the Lord," is Van Alden's predictable response. Van Alden is very proprietary over his agent, and he reprimands the other men when Elliot makes a crack about how the Lord doesn't seem to love Clarkson back. "Even the doctors," he sputters, "men of science, agree that his fate rests in God's hands, not theirs" So happy that Van Alden's one character trait is making an appearance here. He begins praying, and Clarkson gasps awake. Van Alden takes his hand (contamination!), and Clarkson looks at him. "I see you," he wheezes out. "I know what you did." Van Alden is taken aback, as he naturally would be. A statement like that could refer to any of a dozen things Van Alden has done or continues to do. Agent Sebso. Lucy. Conspiring with Mickey Doyle. He says he'll go get the doctor. Out in the hallway, he demonstratively looks pained -- Michael Shannon, as subtle as ever -- as the overhead lightbulb starts flickering. Obviously a sign from God.

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