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The Age of Reason

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The Age of Reason

At the Ritz, Nucky is meeting with a truly impressive cadre of criminals to finalize the Philadelphia liquor pickup. In attendance are Chalky White, Bill McCoy, Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Waxey Gordon. Waxey is disappointingly normal and not the oversized gargoyle I was hoping for. He and Rothstein assure Nucky things will go quite smoothly as the booze is loaded off of McCoy's ships in Philly, loaded onto trucks, and driven to the New Jersey border by Waxey's men -- supervised by "Chaim," who we know as Manny Horvitz's associate Herman. (And given Manny's feelings about Waxey, I can't imagine he'd be too happy to know this.) Lucky and Meyer are to take the liquor from the Jersey border to Chalky's place. Chalky reminds them to honk the horn when they come, as he's not taking any more chances. Lucky initiates some chest-puffing over why Waxey's guys don't stick with them the whole way, but otherwise, it seems like a pretty solid plan.

Lucy is lying in bed, wailing her way through her contractions. She spots a kid in his bedroom across the alley. She asks him to get his mom, but he's rightly frightened by this foghorn with bosoms, so he pulls the curtains shut. Lucy starts crying, begging him to get his mother. Okay, so she got herself to her bed, but not to the phone? Or the doorway to call for help? I suppose I should stop pondering all of Lucy's bad decisions.

Jimmy and Angela are walking down the boardwalk, taking in the festivities, including the wireless radios on display. As Angela waxes poetic about the music in the air, Jimmy spots Nucky walking by and grabs Angela into a kiss so he's not spotted. Keeping one eye on Nucky, he sees him walking with Waxey and Herman. This is definitely worrisome to him, but Angela's none the wiser.

Back at the hospital, Van Alden calls home from the phone in the corridor. It's late at night, but he gets Rose. He tells her about Clarkson's sad fate and says there are things she doesn't know about him. "I'm not fit..." he begins, but Rose assures him that he's not responsible for the evils in the world. He says that everything he's done is because he loves her, which begins to rightly frighten Rose. "I have sinned and a good man has burned because of those sins." He's not fit for Rose nor for his badge. In Rose's defense, she's probably heard this kind of self-flagellation from him before. He tells her he loves her and hangs up.

Oh awesome. It's the Nucky/Margaret sex scene we've all been clamoring for. When he's done... thrusting ... he rolls off of her and turns over for a cigarette. She lays there silent for a moment, and then asks him if he doesn't find her attractive. Nucky's like, "Um, we just made love?" She just feels like he's elsewhere sometimes. He asks what's on her mind, and talk turns to the confession Father Frowny Face told her she needs to make. (His name, as we find out in this scene, is Father Brennan.) Nucky doesn't think much of the request, but when he sees that she appears resolved to make it, he asks what she plans to say. "That's between me and God," she says, but Nucky is smart enough to know it'll also be between her and Father Brennan. Margaret speaks of a sacred trust, but Nucky say she puts more faith in people than he does. Suddenly, Nucky looks nervous: Just how Catholic is she? Is she planning on divulging anything "sensitive"? Like, perhaps, the details of her home situation with Nucky? "If you're feeling guilty," Margaret replies, "I suggest you take that up with a priest yourself."

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