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The Age of Reason

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The Age of Reason

In Philadelphia, Manny leads Jimmy to the back of his butcher shop, where he's got Herman hanging upside down from a meat hook. Jimmy is aghast that he got brought down here to witness this, but Manny says Herman is now in a position to give him some answers. So ask. Herman begs Jimmy to help him, but Manny tells him he's fucked over Jimmy as much as him. He's been on Waxey's payroll, spying on Manny and reporting back. Manny sharpens his knives, while Jimmy gets Herman to tell him about Waxey's deal with Nucky and how the ship's coming in to Philly tonight. Gives him the time and the location and everything. Manny notes to Jimmy that "they're scared of us," then hands Jimmy the knife. Manny says he can't kill Herman himself; it wouldn't be kosher to kill a wounded animal. "We all gotta live by rules." Jimmy doesn't want to do it either, of course. But ultimately, this is what Jimmy's always been best at. So he steps behind Herman, puts the knife to his throat, and opens him up like a hog at the slaughter.

At church, the Atlantic City mothers -- with the occasional father -- wait with their children to make their confessions. Margaret, seeing an open booth, decides to take one for the team and make her own confession. It's Father Grumpy in the confessional, of course. He gives her hell for taking four years between confessions, also of course. He seems keen on hearing her sins though he seems to think he already knows what they are. He's not interested in the b-s time wasters like taking the Lord's name in vain. He wants the good stuff. There's a creeping voyeur quality to this priest pushing her to confess to fornicating in sin with Nucky. "There's a man in my life," Margaret begins. "And he's bad. I know he is in my heart. But still I'm drawn to him somehow." She confesses to having impure thoughts about this man. "This man, he provides for you and your children?" prods Father Know-It-All. Objection, your honor! Leading the witness! Margaret says no, this man doesn't provide her with anything. She hardly knows him, in fact. "He works for my... my family." TELLING!

Harry Daugherty is on the phone, telling Nucky about Edge's power play, and Nucky is predictably flipping his lid. Harry explains that Edge is threatening an investigation. "What's to investigate?" Nucky yelps incredulously. "You've been there three months!" Yeah, well, the Harding administration was ahead of the curve that way. Harry giving this awful news while getting a shoe-shine, by the way, is a nice parallel to Nucky earlier. Nucky wants to know who the new prosecutor is, at least. Harry hasn't picked one yet; Nucky at least wants someone he can work with. Also someone less insufferable than Chip, one would hope. "It's not my fault you have enemies," Harry says. Which is totally true. Nucky's chickens are coming home to roost, in many ways.

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