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The Age of Reason

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The Age of Reason

Chippy and a pair of chippies are in bed, bouncing around with enthusiasm. "That's it, baby! Drill for oil!" Guess which one said that? Though I'm not sure Chippy's doing dirty talk correctly, as drilling for oil suggests a whole different array of maneuvers. Eddie and a security guy suddenly barge into the room, sending the girls away and telling Chip he's got five minutes to get the hell out. Eddie, bless him, seems to be taking quite a bit of pleasure in not having to be nice to Chip anymore. The security guy even scoffs at Chip's shoes as he tosses them his way. Aw. Not so nifty.

Lucy's still in bed, still moaning in solitude. I half expect we're going to get a shot of the baby crowning, considering everything else we've seen of her over the years. After one prolonged push, we can hear a baby crying. Congratulations, lady. You've shot out the one creature on this earth less equipped to deal with its life than you are.

Supervisor Elliot sits with Agent Clarkson when Van Alden returns to the hotel room. He once again starts blathering about Clarkson being a good man and "it should be me in that bed." Elliot seems tired of hearing it by now, but Van Alden says he has something he needs to say. He's interrupted by Clarkson, who once again says, "I see you. I know." The nurse tells him to hush and says he's delirious and has been saying that to everyone. Indeed, Clarkson gives us the long-form version. "Come out of there. I know what you're hiding. It's not fair. You ate the pie. I'll tell Ma. I'll tell Ma." So... never mind then! Van Alden says he needs to leave. The nurse says Clarkson doesn't have much longer, but Van Alden could give a shit right about now.

When Van Alden returns home, he finds Lucy in bed with their baby. He gingerly wakes her up. He brought lemons! "I did it all myself." She says woozily. Who needs drugs when you've got her naturally slurry disposition? It's a girl. Nelson goes to get a doctor, without asking some very important questions. Like ... um ... how did she cut the umbilical cord? <.p>

So it's a nighttime liquor run to New Jersey, as Lansky and Luciano play chaperone to Waxey's men. The Lead car with Meyer riding shotgun blows a tire, so the convoy pulls over to check it out. And that's when the gunfire starts from the woods. Seems familiar? Some of Gordon's men are killed, but Lansky, Luciano, and a few others are able to get cover behind the cars. Jimmy, Harrow, and Manny, among others, run in from behind the trees. There's gunfire back and forth, and Jimmy ultimately yells, "Drop your weapons! Throw your guns out and no one gets hurt." Lucky recognizes the voice and calls out to Jimmy. Manny's like, "Friends of yours?" Jimmy says to come out and assures Lucky that he won't shoot. Both parties emerge with guns pointed at the other. Jimmy is shocked to see Lucky and Meyer there. "All this is for Nucky?" he demands. Showing your vulnerability there, Jimmy. He seems actively dismayed to hear Chalky's back in business. They're at a stalemate, until Meyer gets an idea. He proposes a deal, beneficial to all of them, in which they join forces in order to make themselves rich outside of the confines of their elders. "You work with Waxey Gordon," Manny seethes. "The man's a piece of shit." Maybe Jimmy is starting to see in Manny the same tunnel vision he has for Nucky? How counterproductive it is. He channels Leander when he tells Manny, "Not every insult requires a response." Jimmy and Lansky agree to advance the five grand he's owed from this deal -- "Can't kill everyone, Manny. It's not good business." -- then to deliver the liquor as required to Chalky, so no one's suspicious. And then they meet up and figure out a way to take it all. "Rothstein? Nucky? Their time has passed," Meyer says. "Waxey Gordon's ain't!" pipes up the twerp of a driver, earning him a bullet in the head from Manny. I suppose you can still kill some of them. Besides, they were going to have to kill that guy anyway as a witness to their treachery. Lansky and Luciano take off, Lansky assuring them it's a good deal. Manny seems dubious. Jimmy looks like it's the best chance he's got.

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