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Liars and Tight-asses and Baders, Oh My!

Lansky calls out to Nucky, angling to "work out an accommodation with Mr. Rothstein." Nucky says he's not open to any negotiations. The goon mouths off that it's all tough talk and that Nucky, Jimmy, and Chalky can all go fuck each other. Jimmy pulls his gun, so the goon's all, "You gonna shoot me?" Jimmy says he hadn't planned on it, but now he's been talked into it. BANG! One down, three to go. And with those life insurance policies in effect, Rothstein is indeed well on his way to being the richest corpse in New York. Tears run down Matteo's blood-soaked face. Lansky begins to look more than a little concerned. One of Chalky's men asks of the dead goon, "What do we do with him?" Chalky answers, "Leave him at the dump with the rest of the garbage." Matteo angrily threatens that his brothers will seek retribution, and "string [Chalky] up higher than they did that other fuckin' coon." At which point Chalky, like Jimmy, is convinced to take swift vengeance. He grabs Matteo by the neck, presses on his wind pipe until he stops struggling, then drops him with a disgusted thud. Nucky strides behind Lansky, unties his hands, and whispers, "You can go now. And, please, tell Mr. Rothstein what you saw here tonight." Lansky stands up, gives Nucky a nod of respect, and walks out very cautiously.

Meanwhile, Lucy is riding Van Alden hard. His Margaret substitute has a banging body, but her dirty talk quickly spoils his sick fantasies. He can barely contain his repulsion as she leans into kiss him. He turns his face in horror, flips her over, and pounds her out six ways to Sunday. As soon as he comes, the realization and the regret wash over his face. He pulls out and flies into a supplicant's position on the other side of the bed, hoping his prayers will drown out the sound of her whorish moans.

Nucky returns home to find Margaret still awake despite the late hour. He claims he had "business" planning "election strategy" downtown. He tells her condescendingly that she did well on her speech and should get some rest. He walks into the bathroom, saying, "You had those ladies eating out of your hands." As he draws a bath, Margaret steps out of bed to open a window. On her way back, she inadvertently catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She stops dead, Harrow's words still ping-ponging around her mind. She takes a long look at the monster she's become without even knowing it and tries to remember what the old Margaret was like.

Next week: Rothstein looks for new recruits. Angela readies her Parisian escape. Margaret -- aware Nucky killed her husband -- asserts herself just when Nucky's allies are questioning her loyalty. Van Alden gets wise to Sebso's betrayal and renews his zealotry with a baptismal dip in those oh-so-clean Jersey waters. Maybe they were cleaner 90 years ago and, like, Jimmy are simply "what time and circumstance have made" them.

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