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Van Alden shuts the door and prepares himself for his part of the beating. Knowing his masochistic ways, he might enjoy it if it didn't mean his quest for Margaret had been stalled. Elliot asks if Van Alden has any idea how much he's embarrassed the department. Van Alden takes responsibility for the debacle, and Elliot concurs sharply, saying they need something tangible. Van Alden tries to push his agenda, offering to interrogate Jimmy again. Elliot informs him Jimmy's been released (lack of evidence), and Nucky's lawyers are out for blood. He hurls the file of Van Alden's meticulously collected, now useless information. He growls that Van Alden bungled the case from the start and warns him it's his last chance before he is sent packing to chase moonshiners in the swamps of the Everglades. A religious zealot in the Bible Belt? How would he stand out? Elliot walks out briskly, leaving Van Alden looking stricken -- though that's pretty much how he always looks.

Over at the Darmody den, Jimmy wakes up as Angela works on another of her Cassatt knock-offs. Jimmy's mother took Tommy for ice cream, so they have the house to themselves. Jimmy praises Angela's paintings, especially how realistic the flesh tone looks. Such an observant compliment comes as a pleasant to Angela surprise given Jimmy's general selfishness and lack of respect for her. He tells her that when he was at war and in the trenches for weeks at a time it was easy to forget that the world had any beauty at all. Sounds like an omen of things to come for the boardwalk. Jimmy walks up to Angela and gently presses himself against her. He takes in the fragrance of her hair and takes in the beauty of her shoulders, something he doubtless forgot in the trenches of Chicago. He takes the palette knife and begins to mix the flesh tone that he admired earlier. She turns around and kisses him. They begin to make love, paying no mind to the tools dropping to the floor or the paint smearing their bodies. It's delicate and wholly consensual, so much unlike his abrupt return to her life a few weeks back.

Schroeder Sanctum. Nucky reads the paper, on which we can see the headline "Grand Jury Convening in Black Sox Series Fix." Margaret asks if there's anything on the ratification of the women's voting amendment. Nucky says it's all down to Tennessee, which she takes as a good sign. He tells her dryly the South has never been considered progressive. Ah, politics. Some things never change! Harrow interrupts to tell Nucky that Kessler has arrived. Once he's out of earshot, Margaret mentions that Harrow is scaring her children. Nucky plays the war hero card, but that sort of flag waving only goes so far when your toddler is havin' the night terrors. Nucky tells her plainly that Harrow is around for protection. She wonders what Nucky is doing about the men who tried to kill him. He promises that he is pursuing all legal means to detain them, though he leaves out the countless illegal means he's intent to set in motion. Margaret asks if she should take away the kids for a while. He assures her it's not necessary and tries to pacify her by saying he'd miss her too much. She wonders loadedly, "Is this what it means to be in charge?" He kisses her on the forehead and says patronizingly, "Success breeds enemies, which you'll discover soon enough after women win the vote." As if Margaret doesn't know about the trade-offs required to secure your lifestyle. Nucky, you're opening Pandora's box by giving this one a say. For all her hopefulness and morality, Margaret may be the deftest politician on the show. And even if she isn't, considering how swiftly both of those qualities are waning and turning to opportunistic cynicism, she will outpace them soon enough.

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