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Liars and Tight-asses and Baders, Oh My!

Back in A.C., Nucky explains the Harrow dilemma to Jimmy. Jimmy claims his current face is a big improvement from before, but Nucky doesn't think a howling four-year-old is likely to appreciate the distinction. He bids Jimmy to make sure Harrow keeps on his mask in the house. Kessler interrupts to tell Nucky that Mickey Doyle has come to see him. Jimmy frisks Doyle, who comes in like he's Nucky's best friend from way back. Nucky gives him a chilly reception, so Doyle pleads, "C'mon, Nuck. I come to yas, hat in hand." Which is only slightly more convincing when Doyle realizes maybe he should take off his hat to make the metaphor work. He claims he wants to apologize, that he just got rattled when Nucky pulled the plug on his bootlegging operation. He mentions that he has partners in the D'Alessio brothers. At that, Nucky grabs him by the throat and pushes him to the wall while Jimmy pulls out his gun. Literally backed into a corner, Doyle offers to tell Nucky everything he knows. The age of information, indeed.

Nucky loosens his grip and tells Jimmy to get Doyle a drink. He shoves Doyle over to the sitting area while Jimmy makes him a Darmody Bomb -- five parts whiskey, one part spittle. He takes over the cocktail and drops as Doyle puts his hand out. Doyle gingerly wipes off the spill, then sings like the stool pigeon he is. He finks on the D'Alessios for lynching Chalky's driver, robbing Nucky's fat-assed pick-up man, and holding up the casino. When Nucky mentions that the brothers shot Eli, Doyle plays dumb (which is kind of redundant, I admit). Doyle says he suspects the brothers are going to shoot him, too. Jimmy asks how Lucky fits in. Doyle fires back, "Your mother didn't tell you?" Jimmy holds his temper as Doyle says Luciano and Meyer Lansky are in cahoots. They approached Chalky under the ruse of a bid to move redirect his booze from Nucky to New York, but they were actually doing recon to tell Rothstein the size of Chalky's operation. Doyle tells Nucky that Rothstein has his sights set on Atlantic City. Nucky snarks, "Ruining baseball isn't enough?" He tells Jimmy to get Chalky on the phone to confirm Doyle's story, but when Jimmy picks up the receiver, Kessler is on the phone. Nucky calls Kessler in, and he announces he was on the phone with Trenton, who told him women have won the right to vote.

Schroeder Sanctum. Margaret reads The Wonderful Wizard of Oz aloud to the children. She has just reached the part where the Wizard, up in his Emerald City, is wistful that what he has created takes him away from the world he once knew. Hello, on-the-nose reference! Margaret pauses as Harrow walks in, making it all the more painfully obvious when Teddy hides his face, and Emily eyes Harrow with verge-of-tears consternation. Harrow apologizes meekly again, for these are the only words a freak like him is allowed to say apparently, then starts to shuffle back to his solitary confinement. Margaret takes pity and invites Harrow to join her and the children. He triples his vocabulary with the words "Thank you." Margaret resumes the story as the Wizard wonders what has become of his old friend the Tin Woodsman. She turns the book toward Harrow so he can see the illustration of the Tin Woodsman. Harrow taps his mask and jokes that he is the Tin Woodsman, saying, "Only I need some oil." The kids can't resist giggling, and Emily asks Margaret if he's really the Tin Woodsman. Margaret humors her, knowing that it will make everyone feel better to believe Harrow is a tin man rather than a real man mangled by war and social ostracism.

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