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Liars and Tight-asses and Baders, Oh My!

Chicago. Al, in a dapper new fedora, apologizes to Torrio about the exploding cigarette. Torrio tells him never to pull a stunt like that again. He tells Al he brought him from Brooklyn because he saw potential, then notes how their friend the beer baron rose up in the ranks from a low-rent pimp to a major player in the scene. He tells Al he can "learn something" from him. Torrio does mention some distribution problems at the brewery, and Al volunteer to step in and fix them. Torrio warns him against anymore shenanigans. Al declares he's ready to be responsible for his actions.

Chalky shows Lucky and several of the D'Alessios around his bootlegging operation as he spins a thoroughly believable -- 'cause it's true! -- yarn about Nucky's lying, greedy ways. Lansky sells Chalky hard on aligning himself with Rothstein. He claims Rothstein is no chiseler, but a man of honor. It's not even worth getting into the errors in that statement and beside the point anyway because Chalky concedes quickly, per his agreement with Nucky. As they settle the terms, Matteo unknowingly references Chalky's Packard and outs himself as the killer of Chalky's driver. Chalky gives him a cold look but continues with the negotiations. He shakes hands with Lansky, then ushers them toward the door. Steps away from pulling off Nucky's plan, he stops short. He whips out not one but two guns and asks Matteo how he knows he drives a Packard. Looks like Nucky's scheme just got thrown out the passenger side window.

That evening on the boardwalk, Angela stops by the Dittrichs' studio to apologize. It's a tall order given Robert's on morphine because of his five broken ribs, fractured nose and jaw. Mary takes the blame, saying she doesn't love Robert and could have avoided all this mess by leaving him months ago. Angela tearfully acknowledges that leaving a man isn't that easy. Mary sits her down and asks if Jimmy beats her. Angela says no but says sadly he's not the man she once knew. Mary invites her to take Tommy and run away to Paris, leaving the men behind. She paints an enticing picture of Tommy growing up on the Seine, speaking French. Angela can't help but swoon at the idea that "he'd be nothing like his father... or any of them." Mary lays it on thicker, mentioning a free-spirited school run by Isadora Duncan, where the kids wear Grecian tunics. With the exoticism and escapism wafting around Angela like French perfume, Mary tells Angela that a ship leaves once a month. She cups Angela's face and says seductively, "Nous devons aller à Paris" ("We must go to Paris"). Angela weepily repeats the mantra, revealing not that all hope is gone. She and Mary fall into each other with hopeful, desperate kisses.

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