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Liars and Tight-asses and Baders, Oh My!

Deputy Halloran escorts Margaret home, buzzing about being named Sheriff Halloran come November. He leaves, and Margaret sits in the living room. Harrow joins her after putting the children to sleep. He closes the drapes to guard them against intruders. Margaret swallows her pride for the millionth time today and apologizes for treating Harrow harshly. She confesses his deformity frightened her. He says he's used to it, but she apologizes again for judging him based on his looks instead of his outside. He says doing that's tough even for him. "Sometimes I forget what I look like," he says wistfully. "Then I pass a mirror, and I remember. I stare sometimes at my face, and I can't recall what I was before." Walloped by his words, Margaret silently and retires upstairs.

Van Alden visits a speakeasy and orders a whiskey. He takes a long, meaningful look at the devil potion, then downs it. He stares ahead distantly, breathing in the burn of the liquor, as if taking in that forbidden whiskey has -- at least for the moment -- pushed down his forbidden desires for Margaret, overwhelmed his feelings of personal and professional failure, and numbed the need to punish himself for constantly falling short of the high standards he forces down all others' throats. He bends over, pressing his whole weight into the bar, then looks up and says grimly, "Again." Drink in hand, he turns back to his fellow patrons and lays eyes on Lucy. He makes his way over and asks to join her. She purrs dumbly, "Sure, why not?" Which is probably what he's thinking deep down, too. Whether he likes it or not, this woman has become inextricably linked in his mind to the Thompson-Schroeder investigation. If he can't have Margaret, she may have to be the cheap substitute. A rich turn of circumstance since Margaret is fast becoming just as calculating and manipulative as Lucy every day. So, what the Hell? Sure, why not? Van Alden lights a cigarette for her. She takes a deep drag, expelling the smoke with a "shhhhhh." It's easy to spot the demons that need to be silenced under his uptight exterior. They make their introductions, and she tells him she could use another drink.

Elsewhere, Nucky and Jimmy join Chalky, Doyle, and the hog-tied Rothstein ragamuffins. Chalky introduces Nucky to a simpering Lansky. Nucky looks past him and to the goon who shot at him on the boardwalk. The guy plays dumb, but Nucky is in no mood to suffer fools. He takes Chalky aside to ask why the plan changed and no deal was made. Chalky in turns asks why Nucky didn't tell him that these were the men who lynched his driver. Nucky says he hadn't confirmed it, but Chalky has all the confirmation he needs. Nucky wonders how they'll get the drop on Rothstein now that Chalky went all vigilante and abducted four men.

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