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Pay It Upward

Meanwhile, George is driving Miss Daisy down a dark dirt road, kvetching about what a waste of time (and lots of money) this whole weekend was. Finally getting tired of his (ample) bellyaching, she tells him to pull the car over. He does, just as they pass the sign for Hammonton, New Jersey. Same one those ill-fated bootleggers passed last week. Apparently there's just the one road out of Atlantic City. And quite the shabby one it is, too. So George stops the car, and in her most perturbed tone of voice, Claudia tells him he can kiss her. Apparently, begrudging nookie is still nookie, so George dives right into her pragmatic embrace. "Go on," she deadpans, "unbutton your trousers." He does, and she starts working it with her hand. He moans. She looks out the window for something to spark her interest. She's looking away for so long, she barely notices the figure lurching its way towards the car. The beaten, bloodied, miraculously-not-dead bootlegger lurching towards the car. She screams. George screams. We all scream for next week.

Joe Rdoesn't think he can be blamed for not quite grasping that Gretchen Mol was Jimmy's Ma, all things considered. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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