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Pay It Upward

Out on the Boardwalk, a charming gentleman is shouting and handing out flyers for the Ku Klux Klan. Between this, Jimmy's shoe shine, and a later scene with the Commodore, this issue is riding on a strong undercurrent of race relations. Inevitable, I suppose, both for the time in history as well as this particular tale of white men protecting their own little corners of the sky against perceived usurpers. Anyway, Jimmy Darmody shrugs the Klan guy off and proceeds to a storefront, where he spots an ornate necklace in the display window. If he's looking to treat himself for a whiskey heist well done, I do think that will bring out the deadness in his eyes.

Back at the hotel, Nucky is hailed by a George Baxter (though Eddie has to remind Nucky of the guy's name), an instantly irritating and slimy sort who introduces Nucky to Claudia, a "chippy" he picked up in Baltimore. She's too young and too pretty for him, but she's just the right amount of high-maintenance (and she sounds exactly like Kelly Kapoor from The Office). George tries to impress her by telling her what a "big cheese" Nucky is (and thus, what a big-cheese-by-proxy George must be for knowing him), but while Nucky humors him, Claudia just wants to go roller-skating! Nucky gives a thinly-veiled "O...kay then" and is on his way, as you get the feeling George wasn't built for roller skating.

Margaret is in the hospital, still recovering from her beating/miscarriage. The nurse tells her a "Mr. Thompson" is here to see her, so Margaret actually gussies herself up before the nurse lets him in. It's a limited gussying, sure, just tying a blue ribbon around her hair. But it's the effort. Alas, it's all for naught, as it's Eli Thompson who's come calling. He wants to talk to her about her late husband, and most importantly to impress upon her just how very much Hans DID jack the whiskey shipment. But Margaret protests, saying Hans was "never in trouble a day in his life." Not sure if that's supposed to be a sign of the times or a battered woman thing, but either way, Margaret has a hard time seeing the full scope of the man, huh? Anyway, Eli leans on her and says it's at least possible Hans was into bootlegging. And if the FBI comes asking, that's what she'll say. WINK WINK. Margaret still resists, which leads Eli to threaten having the county take her children. You know, I have to wonder if perhaps the other Mr. Thompson would've had better luck here. Maybe Eli senses it too, because he then says Nucky sends his regards. Also an envelope full of cash. Margaret takes it but looks ... troubled. Quick, somebody remind her she can buy way nicer hair ribbons with that kind of cash.

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