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So with Love, French-Style off the table for the afternoon, Jimmy takes a trip to what appears to be the local house of burlesque, where the girls are rehearsing their Sirens-inspired routine. At the center of the stage is Gretchen Mol, who appears to be the one Jimmy came here to see. Indeed, backstage, as soon as she spots Jimmy, she runs up and jumps into his arms, kissing him all over his face. She's not as naked as she first seemed -- there's a body stocking covering her whole torso with some strategically-placed glitter, for example -- but she's still pretty naked. She thought Jimmy had died, since she hadn't heard from him in so long, and she can't believe he's been home for a month without coming to see her. He tells her to put on some clothes, then hands her a gift. THIS is the fancy necklace he was peeping in the window.

Classic wife/mistress maneuver, right? Gretchen looks at the necklace and begins to tear up. Jimmy notices and gets a bit abashed and says, "It's okay, Ma." Cleverly, at that, the camera pulls back to reveal a couple of the other showgirls throwing a double-take their way. As those showgirls go, so go the rest of us, because: HUH? "This is the one!" Gretchen exclaims. She explains to the other girls that she once owned this very necklace, given to her by Jimmy's father. (Jimmy: "I don't have a father.") Only she sold it, Jimmy explains, "to keep a roof over my head." One of the other girls chimes in, "She's a good egg, your mom." In the recaplet, I kind of danced around alternate explanations that maybe Gretchen was Jimmy's step-mom or something -- because honestly, there's only a nine year difference in age for these actors -- but it looks like she's just his actual mother who had him at a shockingly young age. Quite the deft switcheroo, that. Jimmy grabs his Ma's face and said he promised her he'd replace it, and now he has. He kisses her forehead. She says she's just happy to have him back.

Jimmy next goes to see Nucky, who is still perturbed as hell. Jimmy goes to pour himself a drink and start his shift, but as far as Nucky is concerned, their relationship has changed just a tad. He demands a full accounting of the other night, so Jimmy explains about Capone (clarifying for Nucky, and us, that Torrio didn't sanction the heist, he only benefitted after the fact) and the deer and how they killed five guys. Nucky corrects him that it was actually four guys. Um, Nucky, I think I'd trust the account of the guy pulling the trigger. Plus, I get Jimmy mistakenly under-counting the corpses, but over-counting? Hrm... But anyway, Jimmy says none of this was supposed to get traced back to Nucky. Unfortunately, Nucky tells him, it did, in the form of a G-man in his office this morning. Nucky informs Jimmy that he no longer works here. "You wanna be a gangster, kid, go be a gangster," Nucky harshes. "But if you wanna be a gangster in my town, you'll pay me for the privilege." He goes on to say that the cut Jimmy handed him the other day felt short by about three grand. Arbitrary, sure, but I guess you get to be when you're the mayor of Fuck City. Jimmy protests that he already spent his cut, but Nucky could give a damn. $3,000 in 48 hours.

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