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Keep Their Heads Ringin'
Margaret simply says it's being taken care of.

In Tabor Heights, Sheriff Ramsey is throwing his weight around now that he's back to being the biggest big shot around. He's in for a most unpleasant surprise when a dozen or more cars roll up, and the men exiting them are holding rifles. If it looks very much like a military occupation, it should. Ramsey books it into Town Hall or whatever building his office is in. He tries to barricade himself in, then he places a frantic call to the Ritz Carlton in Atlantic City. Before he gets connected, however, Rosetti is inside his office. Ramsey is sputtering and capitulating, while Rosetti wonders if he's happy to see him back in town, if he missed his company, if he's some kind of "fanook"? Ramsey calls him "Gyp," which appears to be his first mistake. His call to the Ritz gets connected but it's too late. Rosetti picks up Ramsey's club threateningly. "There's no need for that," Ramsey begs. "I'm flexible." Rosetti: "Not for much longer." Commence the beatdown.

Nucky's fuzzy head is trying to listen to underlings like Bader and Fleming give him the lay of the land, but his ears are still ringing and he's clearly out of it. By the way, if you're super into the sound of ears ringing and don't think that an hour's worth of it is enough to give you a concussion by proxy, then this is absolutely the episode for you. Nucky is insisting on a statement to explain the explosion. Chalky's there too, but in Nucky's haze, he mistakes him for his shoe-shiner (uh...) and asks him when he got so "uppity" (UMMM...). Everybody looks away and Sleater says that it's Mr. White. In a moment of clarity, Nucky says to tell the people that it was a faulty gas valve. These geniuses couldn't have figured that out? The phone rings, and Teddy answers out in the hall. Nucky's back inside, handing out good advice to his people to hand flowers to the victims and take a photographer. Teddy comes in and says "the gypsy" is on the phone.

Nucky picks up, and it's Rosetti, all right, reading the newspaper account of Broadway's tribute to Miss Lillian Kent. Nucky hangs up without a word and then launches into Eli, telling him not to let the kids know about the explosion; so that clarity didn't last long. Eli says nobody's telling the kids anything. "They find out," Nucky says. "Everyone finds out soon enough." He turns to Sleater and says, more pointedly, "One day you wake up and you realize what's been going on." Oh, like when you suddenly realize that some Sopranos writers wanted to make another Sopranos dream episode, only they couldn't be obvious about it, so instead it's just an hour of a man with a concussion, saying abstract but prescient things? Like that?

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