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It is a sad little birthday party for Emily, as she and her brother and cousins sit around the table in sad party hats, waiting for Nucky to emerge from his room. Margaret and June and Eli are also sad in their party hats. Margaret is apologetic for Nucky and is about to say let's start anyway when Nucky emerges all perturbed. He says it's the first he's heard of a party, even though we all saw him insist on it. Margaret tries to argue the facts, but he rather harshly shuts her down, calling her "Mabel" in the process. But as sour as he is with Margaret, he's positively giddy with Emily, wishing her a happy birthday and singing the loudest around her cake. He jumps at the chance to cut her the first piece asking her if she wants the piece with "the gypsy ... I mean, the pony" on top. Already sick of the pony as a metaphor. Also sick of this concussion being used as a thin excuse to let Steve Buscemi not act like Nucky for a week. It really reminds me of those indulgent Sopranos dream episodes.

Anyway, Nucky is now manic and hacks the top tier off of the entire cake, causing what I'm assuming is jelly filling to ooze out of the top like bloody. Okay, Is this a Sopranos dream sequence? Are the rules of reality bending for everyone just because Nucky's got brain damage? Anyway, the kids are freaked out and Margaret scolds Nucky and he starts babbling about how the kids shouldn't believe it was anything but a gas leak, and then he flashes upon Billie's face and passes out again. Fun party.

Later, Owen and Margaret convene in the study, both already pretty exhausted from managing Nucky all day. She asks him if he'd like a drink, and it turns out he doesn't partake, which surprises her, since all their lives revolve around liquor. She and Sleater have a contemplative discussion about whether people ever really examine the costs of what they do for a living, or where what they want comes from. Plus, he says, he's in it now; can't really make excuses for it. He says he plans to be out in a year or two, though, and move on.

Margaret finally scrunches up her courage and asks him if he wouldn't leave sooner. Why not now? He asks if that's what she would want. Because if so, she should just say the word, "we'll go." The last three years of her life flash before Margaret's eyes before she finally says, "It would have to be far." "We're thousands of miles already," he tells her, the old country a glint in his eye. "What's a few more?" THESE TWO SHOULD BE HAPPY TOGETHER. That's my assessment. She thinks Owen thinks she won't say yes, and that's why he's asking, but he says no. "I'm not as complicated as you." Not sure what to do, she rests her head on him. It looks like he might kiss her, right in Nucky's own office, but she pulls away and re-enters the party and tells the kids that Daddy just needs to rest.

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