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Out at the Jersey coast, Rosetti is supervising the unloading of hundreds of crates of liquor and showing off the whole process to a visiting Masseria. Masseria mentions that Rosetti's making some trouble for him, with this attack on Rothstein and Thompson, especially since he was sloppy and didn't finish them off. He promises on his dead mother that he will. Masseria then picks up a smooth stone from the beach and embarks upon this metaphor about how it used to be a rough rock out on the ocean, but over much time it has been smoothed. Their business, he says, takes time. Maybe over time, he says, Rosetti will become a good general. This seems like a pretty tenuous business relationship, with no real affection. Should be interested to see how it holds up when shit starts to go down.

Back at the American Legion, Richard and Julia are sitting it out while their peers dance all around them. Two of them approach Richard and the guy starts teasing Richard about showing them all up if he did start dancing. He says to his lady -- Modern-Day Wendy from the Wendy's ads -- that Richard was the one who "taught Arthur Murray." Of course, Richard has no idea who Arthur Murray is, and he's getting embarrassed. Julie sees it and takes him by the hand, saying this is the song they've been waiting for. Wendy slaps at her man for being an ass. On the dance floor, Julia panics because she actually doesn't know how to dance. Turns out, Richard does, and he sweetly walks her through the steps. He even manages to spin and dip her at the end, drawing applause, even from the Arthur Murray jerk. Julia wants to give them all something to think about, so she pulls Richard in for a kiss, I think mostly on his mask but still. This draws even bigger applause, and even starts some sympathy make-outs to happen. It's breaking loose at the Legion tonight!

Eddie is helping Nucky dress for the big meeting, and Nucky is checking to make sure everything's ready. It is. Eddie's even prepared Rothstein's traditional cake and milk that he so enjoys. Nucky keeps asking Eddie what time it is, so his head is clearly still not quite right. He stands up to put on his coat, but even though this time we don't experience Nucky's POV, we can tell his head's ringing again and he's probably imagining Billie's face. He looks stricken and runs to the bathroom where he starts puking. On the floor, next to the toilet, he finds the hummingbird earring Billie had lost. Sad.

Meanwhile, the bootleggers are arriving in small bunches. By the time Rothstein gets there, there are upwards of twenty of them, all gathered in Nucky's office. Eli and Sleater and even Mickey are there to greet them, but Nucky's still in his room, and he sends Eddie to bring Margaret back. She checks his head and sees that he's feverish. He shows her that he's found the earring, but she tells him it belongs to someone else. He once again pictures Billie's face, this time playing things out through the explosion. "She's dead and it's my fault," he laments. He then goes on to explain to Margaret that she had to understand: "Either I do it to them, or they do it to me." That's his business. She asks about the men in his office. He says either they will say they're with him, and they'll go to war, or they'll smile, shake his hand, and leave him all alone. Which is a good as dead. Margaret proceeds to give Nucky a pep talk. She makes sure he knows who she is -- and corrects him when he says "Margaret Schroeder"; she's Margaret Thompson, his wife -- and tells him to get up, finish getting dressed, and attend to his business.

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