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Tommy's on a pier, looking up at the stars with a spyglass, Julia and Richard off to the side. Julia tells Richard Tommy's been interested in the stars for a couple of months now: "He's gotten very concerned about navigating his way back from places," she says, and if case anyone misses the point, Julia says to Richard, "Not so easy, is it?" He asks if she's seen Gillian. She has, in court, plus there was the business a few days ago where Gillian came to the school. "That was … peculiar," she says. In response to Richard asking her, Julia says she doesn't know -- and doesn't want to know -- how Gillian's living. But she's selling the house, or trying to, anyway. As for Tommy, there's a hearing next month, and then the judge will decide, but Julia says it's difficult because they can't really talk about what happened. "To protect you," she tells a confused Richard. Oh, that's why! Richard says they don't need to worry about that. "You killed those men, and you ran away," she points out. Richard asks if she'd have wanted him to stay, which I guess depends on whether Julia needed any man-killin' done at her place. Julia acknowledges she didn't tell him she wanted him to stay.

She asks what happened to his hand. "Something I deserved," he says. Well, that settles that! Julia tells Richard that he brought Tommy to them, and then disappeared, and they can't let Tommy go back. Richard offers to give them money for Tommy (by which I assume he means some form of child support, and not that he's suggesting some sort of buy-back program), and of course that's not what Julia's concerned about. "I don't want to do all this by myself. But how can I trust you?" Richard doesn't have an answer for that, and then Tommy happily points out that the constellation Hercules is right over their house. Julia suggests they follow it home, and that sounds directed at Richard too, but given she just expressed doubts over her ability to trust him, I'm not surprised he stays rooted to the spot while Tommy and Julia walk up the pier. Tommy stops to ask if Richard's coming, and Julia waits a moment before saying -- not stopping or looking back -- "He's coming."

Daylight now, and Nucky enters Sally's, where his black eye gives Meyer and McCoy a jolt. Nucky chalks it up to a "rogue possum," and when Sally calls out that he should watch out because they could pounce any time, and Nucky gives her a look, I'm half-surprised neither Lanksy nor McCoy says, "Oh, you had creepy, violent sex." Anyway, Meyer has to break the news to Nucky -- who insists they start operating on first names -- that Charlie's out. "When it comes down to it, he just couldn't see the angle," says Lansky, who says he'll be covering Charlie's part. This is probably the least terrible complication that's happened to this deal so far, so Nucky takes it pretty much in stride: it's him, Petrucelli and Meyer, with a finder's fee for McCoy. Hey, another Gladstone full of cash on the table! Bill grabs for it, but Nucky holds it back to say "Miss Wheet" has his instructions to complete the transactions. She'll watch over his part of it down here. A surprised McCoy plasters on a fake smile and says it's a good idea. Meyer seems a little more genuine when he turns to Sally to tell her he's delighted to have her on board.

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